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Things to Know Before Hiring a Professional Videographer in Adelaide

In recent times, many businesses have moved from text and audio production to the use of videos in marketing goods and services. Following the trend and the economic situation in Adelaide, businesses are seeking new ways to outsmart their competitors. And the need to stand out and place their brands before potential customers has never been this strong.

A videographer is an excellent instrument for storytelling and giving image and voice to your brand. Therefore, businesses need to integrate videos in their marketing strategies and they should know how to hire a professional videographer to do so.

Getting a professional to make videos for your brand may be a bit confusing if you do not know the basics of video production. So, keep reading to learn a few things about hiring videographers.

What You Should Know About Hiring Videographers

Below are some things to know about hiring videographers.

1. Your Hire Depends on the Location

While this may sound obvious, some people do not have an idea of what videographers do. They are the people behind the camera recording real-time footage. So, deciding to hire someone remotely won’t work for things like weddings, except you are willing to pay more.

Therefore, when hiring, ensure you state where the person must be based. This will prevent unsuitable applicants from flooding your email with pitches.

2. Videographers have Different Areas of Specialization

Videography is a wide field, so you do not expect all videographers to major in all types of filming.  A gig record is different from filming a brand video. Additionally, there are different filming styles. For instance, a wedding video could be cinematic or journalistic, depending on who is covering the event.

So it is important to determine the kind of videos you want before hiring anyone. You also need to examine the portfolio of the potential hire to be sure they fit into your plan.

3. The Equipment for Filming

Equipment is an important aspect of video production. You must know what you want to do as that will determine the kind of equipment the videographer will bring. For instance ensure that they have the type of lens to facilitate dynamic focusing if that is what you want.

You will also need tripods or camera stands, and if you require audio, ensure that the potential hire can make it happen. You do not expect the couple to hold a handheld microphone if it is a wedding video. So, there should be a way to get the sound effect.

Additionally, there should be provision for filters, not the Instagram type but for the cameras. You also need lighting, whether you are filming outside or inside.

4. Make Provision for Backup Videographers

Imagine filming an Olympics event using one camera. You already know how that will play out. So, if you are filming a live event, you need to make provision for multiple cameras that will capture various angles.

Therefore, hiring more than one person is important and if you can find a team of professionals, you are good to go. Doing so will make the filming very efficient. You can check out The Forward Videography for help with finding a team of professionals in Adelaide if you want multiple videographers.

As a matter of fact, professionals who work as a crew make things easier as you can track their records. But this does not mean that independent professionals are not employable.

You can find out who they worked with previously, then decide if you can hire one of their former partners. At least you can rest assure that both professionals have worked together in the past.

5. Think About What Happens After Filming

Some people think that video production is just about shooting videos and that’s it. They do not know the volume of work an expert does after getting the footage. Therefore, post-production activities are things you need to factor into your budget.

Good editing work ensures that the final video appears polished. While some videographers offer this service, some others don’t. So, you should plan to hire an editor or if you have basic knowledge of videos, you can use some editing software.

Creating videos involves a lengthy process and the editing takes time as well. But you should have a time frame to wrap up the project and face other productive work. You can read this article for tips on how to edit videos as a beginner.

Identifying Time-Tested Videographers

Videographer camera

Some people know how to hold a camera, click record, and focus on the subject within the frame. How about projecting a particular message, stirring up certain emotions in the viewers, and producing stunning clips out of an ordinary setting? Now, that is what differentiates an amateur from a seasoned professional.

Professional videographers are veterans. They have worked in various fields, acquired different skills through trial, error, and further trial. They approach the work as a craft and an art. Below are ways to identify time-tested videographers:

1. Preparation

They show up for video shoots with the pieces of equipment they need for the job to be successful. They have the necessary gear as well as a backup in case anything goes wrong. If the bulb burns, they already have a replacement bulb.

They also research the theme of your video to understand the story behind it and arrive at the location with solid strategies. They also have backup plans in case the first set of strategies fail.

2. Anticipation

Professionals have seen almost every kind of story or its variations repeatedly. Their years of experience make them anticipate. They can anticipate circumstances, sound bites that can’t be missed, and once-in-a-lifetime moments before they happen.

Furthermore, they know the location that suits each aspect of your video to ensure smooth post-production. Sometimes, pro shooters edit while shooting because they know the right shots for that moment.

3. Adaptability

Professionals can adapt to any situation. Whether it is a fluctuating lighting condition, change in interview date, change in budget, or last-minute editing, they have been there before.

They are already accustomed to adjusting and changing strategies to ensure they complete the project within the time frame, but not without a smile. They make sure their employers are satisfied with the job. You can visit to read about the qualities of a professional videographer.


You should not just hire anyone who can hold a camera when you want to create a video for your brand. It is important to get a professional or an experienced team that has the right skills and the pieces of equipment for the job.

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