How to Identify Social Media Platforms for Business

How to Identify Right Social Media Platforms for Business

This post is a guest post contribution written by Shubhanshi Aggarwal.

You are surprised to see the business growth of your competitors using social media, and now you want the same for your business.

Aren’t you?

But the problem is, you don’t know how to identify the right social media networks for your business.

If that’s the case, you are not alone; many people get confused when they have to choose limited sites from over 200+ social networks.

However, we have over 200+ social networking sites, but most of them aren’t useful and popular as much as these are:

Popular Social Media Sites

That means you don’t need them all but the limited sites that work for your business.

When you are choosing which social networks to be involved with, you can’t rely on only one factor. You need to see other essential elements as well.

Monthly users active on most popular social networks 

What stats can tell you about selecting a social network

According to a study by Brandwatch, here’s the analysis of popular social networks with the most monthly active users.

To check out other details, you can visit Brandwatch blog.

Social sites and monthly active users on them:

  • Facebook: 1.71 billion users
  • LinkedIn: 450 million users
  • Instagram: 400 million users
  • Twitter: 320 million users
  • Google+: 300 million users
  • Pinterest: 100 million users
  • Reddit: 36 million accounts
  • Snapchat: 100 million users

As you see, Facebook is much ahead of all other social networks, with almost quadruple monthly users.

Should you go with Facebook then?

Of course not, unless you see the other factors.

So, let’s move to the next.

Should you decide networks based on its size?

Umm… it’s confusing, right?

Size independently doesn’t mean much, but it can give you an idea where your potential clients engage with social.

Size matters if you want to increase your engagement by reaching large numbers of social media users, yet that doesn’t guarantee your business will get benefit from that.

Therefore, it’s a wise move to go with a less audience social network if your targeted audiences are frequently engaging there.

For example, if you are in the fashion business, then Pinterest’s 100 million users would be enough volume for you, instead of LinkedIn’s 450 million users.

Because people, who like fashion stuff are more likely to take an interest in Pinterest than LinkedIn.

Relying solely on social networks size could be dangerous for you, while other factors are also equally important as much as size.

In some cases, size could mislead your social media marketing strategy. Like:

  1. Do your potential clients are using that social site?
  2. Does the site fit for your demographic?
  3. Does your competitor is using that site for their business?

Or should you choose the social networks that users can’t live without?

The team at UTA Brand Studio surveyed 2,006 US adults; they asked them to evaluate 15 popular social media brands using their tool to find out which social sites they’re most attached.

The results were surprising Facebook, and Instagram was at above than others.

Brand Dependence

Where are your clients hanging out? Here’s how to find them?

The Pew Research Internet Project surveyed 1,801 adults to see which are the top five social sites they like to spend their time?

Here is the percentage of online users who use each network.

Social Network Demographics

You can see Facebook is far away from other social media networks. And, it looks funny to compare Facebook with others.

The above chart might be confusing to you, so here is another simple chart which shows the social networks that provide the best fit in some different categories.

Social Network Demographic CategoriesWhat can you learn from the above stats about choosing social networks?

I guess, you might have already created a buyer person based on your potential clients’ general information such as age, gender, income level, and so on.

You can tally that data with these insights to take a better marketing decision.

Let’s see how these statistics will help you to make a better social media marketing decision:

Suppose, you are working in a company that makes a product for older age persons above 60+ years. Instagram and Snapchat wouldn’t be much useful for you.

Another way to find the right social network for your business is, see how well it fits in your content and marketing strategy. If your audience loves to share and like the content, you create in the form of video, images, infographics, etc.

Questions you need to ask yourself before you choose social network

As you know, it’s a difficult task to pick limited social sites from over 200+ social networks.

To make it easy for you, Tim Grahl at Out: Think has a simple list of three of the big questions you need to ask yourself when you are choosing best social networks for your business.

  • Does it make sense for me? (Is something I can do that is measurable?)
  • Does it make sense for my content? (For ex: Twitter has a limit of 140 characters. Can you tailor your brand message within that?)
  • Do potential audiences spend time there? (Are my potential clients on that particular social site which I am choosing? There is no need to target Twitter, if your potential customers are on Facebook and LinkedIn.)

We have seen enough statistics and questions; someone needs to consider before choosing social networks for his business.

Now, we have last and deciding question left to answer.

Let’s dig that too.

Which social networks should you join? Here are the answers you need to know

I guess by looking the above data and statistics; now you can make take the right decision which is the perfect social network for your business.

But still, if you aren’t clear then here are some more answers to help you.

Should you be on Facebook?

Yep, if you love competitions. As you know Facebook is giant social network among all other social sites; chances are high your potential clients might also be using Facebook.

72% of all online adults in the US visit Facebook at least once a month.

In addition to, business possibility right now 40 million small business pages are active on Facebook.

That is a green indicator your business should be on Facebook.

Should you be on Twitter?

Of course, if you like to be in touch with your clients you should be on it. Twitter is a fast and most efficient way to reach your customers and solve their particular problem.

77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to, and that’s the reason 65.8% of US companies with 100+ employees using Twitter for marketing.

If you’re in technology, news, sports, marketing, journalism, and so on, you shouldn’t miss Twitter.

Should you be on LinkedIn?

Yes, if you are in the B2B business and ready to meet some serious marketers, job hunters, and business gurus.

LinkedIn considered best marketing channel for B2B business while B2C companies are still trying to crack the code of it.

LinkedIn is best for B2B because over 3 million companies have their accounts on LinkedIn as well as over 1 million members have published their content on it.

Should you be on Google Plus?

Yes, if your focus is SEO. One more reason you should be on Google Plus is, it has a big user base, but competition is low. Furthermore, the content appears on Google Plus comes with SEO purpose.

With 300 million users Google Plus is an excellent site you can consider for your business.

Should you be on Instagram?

If your business is related to photography, fashion, and model poses then yes, you should use Instagram.

With 400 million monthly active users, Instagram alone would be enough for you.

At Instagram, every day over 80 million photos get uploaded followed by 3.5 billion Instagram Likes per day that’s enough to boost your business.

If you mix it with Facebook and Twitter results will be amazing.

Should you be on Pinterest?

Why not?

If your business contains visuals (images, videos, infographics, etc.) you should be on there.

Types of content that gets shared like a hot cake on Pinterest are food recipes, DIY, fashion tips, How-to, etc.

However, Pinterest is far behind than other giant social sites but still, it is the best social site for fashion kind of stuff.

66% Brands are using Pinterest for marketing their products.

Final Thought!

You are free to choose any social networks for your business you want.

But if you are a small business owner or a one man army, you may find it difficult to post consistently on four or more networks.

To deal with that, be a smart marketer and step back, look at the data read the numbers, find your audience, ask important questions to yourself and take a wise decision.

I am curious to know which factors you think are more important to you?

Leave your thought in the comment section. I will be happy to see that.


About Author: Shubhanshi is an internet marketing enthusiast with more than 5 years of experience. She is passionate about learning and sharing new methods of generating leads online so as to help the businesses grow. She can’t stop herself from sharing her thoughts and new tips to the world through her blogs.

Have you also got some tips to share with her or want to interact with her? Then feel free to get in touch on Twitter: @growwithweb or via LinkedIn:



  • Hey, Shubhanshi,

    Sorry I didn’t get your name into my comment (above).

    Great article and lot so of great advice.

    So glad Hussain posted it here.

    Thanks much.


  • Hi Hussain,

    I don’t pay much attention to all the bazillions and millions of people on any of these social sites.

    I only care where MY followers are; where my target audience is.

    Those are the people that matter to me, for my business to succeed.

    I don’t need millions of faceless shadow.

    I only need a dedicated, loyal following to sustain my business.

    When I find those people, then I reach out to them where they are.

    You’ve given some great guidelines to go by here.

    Much benefit to us all.


  • Each network has its own importance. Your post gives valuable insights on social media and its effective utilization for business.

    I appreciate your knowledge and research on the subject. Great article.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  • It is crazy to be in all the Social media networks. Great post and a reminder that knowing where your audience is makes a whole lot of difference

    • Hi Ikechi,

      Glad to know you like the post. Yeah, knowing where is your target audience and promoting your business there is much better than trying to promote your business everywhere.

      Thanks a lot for reading.


  • Hi Hussain and Shubhanshi,
    Interesting article on which Social Media Platforms to use for business.
    That first image was April 2016. The stats have changed quite a bit since then. Brandwatch stated social site and monthly users as Facebook: 1.71 billion users
    I found this – there are now 2 billion people connecting and building communities on Facebook every month.
    and Pinterest 175 million users
    Instagram – 700 Million active users 6/22/17
    Social Media grows at a very fast rate. Great article.

    • Hi Kathryn,

      You made a valid point.

      I appreciate your time and efforts for collecting the correct stats, it would help us and our audience to get latest stats.

      Thanks a lot for rectifying us. I will ask Hussain if we can do ammendments in the article.

      Thanks a lot.

  • I really enjoyed your post here today! It is power packed full with some very interesting tips! I am always curious to learn how people come up with these kind of statistics! I would love to be everywhere but know it is just not possible LOL

    Great Share,
    Chery :))

    • Hello Chery,

      Delighted to know you enjoyed the post.

      Yeah, that’s true it would be interesting to know how the The talented people on the earth do research and come up with the stats to help us in determining what should we do and what not. I am always thankful to them for sharing such wonderful stats with all of us through internet.

      Because of them we are able understand which platform works for us and which doesn’t.

      Thanks a lot for taking time and sharing your thoughts with us through comments. I appreciate it.


  • Hi,
    You are so right.. you can’t be on ALL of them, you’ll go nuts. BUT it’s smart to pick the one you get the most out of. Personally, I like Facebook and Twitter. I’ve been on Fb for about 8 years now and it keeps adding interesting “toys” to play with. Although it’s challenging to get “Likes” and friends … that’s okay with me. I rather have a few quality connections, than quantity .. enjoyed visiting 🙂

    • Hello Lesley,

      You have made a smart choice, Facebook and Twitter is full off amazing people who share your posts if they find it useful for their followers.

      You are very right, getting quality connections work wonders. Thanks for taking time to read the post and sharing your valuable views with us.

      I appreciate it.

      You rock ☺

  • I think this is one of the best social network comparisons I ever read. thanks for taking the time to research and provide solid information – very much something I need today!

    • Hey Saurabh,


      I am glad it helped you.


  • Reminding ourselves that we cannot do all is a great way to refocus to what is important.Instagram is one of my favorite playgrounds 🙂

    • Hello Elise,

      Instagram works well for lifestyle bloggers. Thanks for sharing with us.


  • Great post, thanks. Yes, you have to look at the engagement of the visitors to any social media site, not just the volume of visitors. I find smaller less populated sites have better visitor engagement.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Hello Mandy,

      Would love to know which site helps you the most in engagement.


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