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Six Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring An Seo Agency In New York

Is your business not evolving in the way you planned? Well, running an online business is more intricate than most aspiring entrepreneurs think. Unlike the past, modern startups need the assistance of SEO agencies on the path to success.

The job of these agencies is to come up with the right strategy that matches the digital marketing goals of clients. In recent times, there is an increasing number of SEO companies, such as the New York SEO agency Alpha Clicks LLC, providing businesses with an extensive range of digital marketing services.

These are the main mistakes to avoid when hiring the best professionals.

Not setting clear goals

The initial mistake that most business owners make when hiring an SEO agency is failing to set clear goals, before commencing the search for potential candidates. Your search engine optimization goals are supposed to be as specific as possible in order for consultants to develop an effective strategy, which complies with your requirements.

Therefore, make sure you avoid coming up with overly general goals, such as improving your search results. On the contrary, place your focus on particular keywords; select some products and services that you wish to develop; think attentively about organic traffic, brand awareness, and other aspects that need improving. It’s completely normal for your priority to be surpassing the competition by making customers more aware of your brand.

Moreover, prior to scheduling the initial consultations with candidates, you are encouraged to compile a list of at least five business priorities. Upon meeting the SEO consultants, discuss each of your goals separately and inquire about the methods in which the agencies will aid your path to digital marketing success. A professional that fails to provide even a vague plan for completing your goals isn’t worth being considered as a promising candidate.


Not considering your website

Another common mistake when hiring an SEO agency to boost your ranking is neglecting your own website. The inceptive point of each SEO strategy should be improving the official business site of the client, as your website is the first point of contact between your brand and the potential customers. No customer is appealed by a site, which is impossible to navigate, takes ages to load, and uses an unreadable font. Click here to check out some helpful tips regarding website optimization.

In order for potential clients to be provided with optimal customer experience upon visiting your site, make sure it has a good loading speed, mobile-friendly design, and appealing content. After performing a webpage analysis, SEO experts should inform you about the aspects that need improving as well as the methods they intend to employ. Besides the loading speed, their strategy is supposed to reduce the bounce rate while increasing the click-through rate of your page.

Hiring inexperienced consultants

Hiring an inexperienced agency to take care of your SEO strategy can be a recipe for failure, as positive search engine optimization results are mainly achieved by experienced professionals. Most of the candidates will try to impress you with their extensive record of experience but remember not to believe in such claims. The only way to trust these claims is by checking their credentials and inspecting their work history.

Nevertheless, even if the candidates provide proof of having a long experience record, it’s paramount for them to be experienced in your industry. You need an SEO expert who has worked with numerous businesses from your sector, not one with zero experience in this field of work. Also, these professionals are expected to be knowledgeable in the recent search engine optimization trends, as these changes dictate the success in digital marketing.

Hiring a black hat SEO agency

Another crucial mistake that business owners are strongly advised to avoid is collaborating with a black hat SEO agency. Bear in mind that you are supposed to hire a white hat agency, which practices ethical techniques and uses legal tools to boost search engine ranking.

Black hat SEO companies, on the other hand, use shady tactics to improve companies’ ranking in no time. These professionals use keyword stuffing, private link networks, and steal content. Consequently, your business will most likely suffer from a bad reputation since all companies that use black hat SEO techniques are automatically considered as unethical and disreputable. The following link,, explains the difference between white hat and black hat SEO.

Not asking for references

Most business owners aren’t interested in contacting references, which is why they fail to ask for a list of referrals at the initial consultations with candidates. However, references from previous clients are of indispensable importance when inspecting candidates’ reputation. If the candidates don’t provide you with references without any request on your part, feel free to remind them.

Make sure you contact each of the clients whose contact information is included in the list. Regardless of the communication method, use this opportunity to learn more about their satisfaction from the services of the agency as well as to inquire about possible complaints. Beware of agencies that use excuses when asking for references, as these aren’t to be trusted.

Being tricked at cheap prices

Most companies end up hiring SEO agencies that offer low-cost services in the hope of making a good deal. However, in most cases, such providers fail to provide the expected results to clients, thus offering solely a temporary solution.

Therefore, you are expected to make a comparison of the fees of all candidates in order to choose the most reasonable offer. No one requires you to hire the costliest provider in the market but make sure you avoid hiring the cheapest one. Also, it’s important to hire an SEO agency whose price policy fits your budget and requirements, as not all companies charge for their services in the same manner.

Bottom line

Search engine optimization is the only way for businesses to hope for success.

There’s no other alternative for keeping up with the fierce competitors!

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