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Make Your WordPress Website Fast – Check Out the NitroPack Review

When you own a website, regardless of what niche it is based on, the speed or how fast it loads can greatly affect its success. If your website is slow, many visitors will get bored and stop visiting it. This will also reduce your conversion rate drastically.

One domain many people build their websites on is WordPress. In the early stage, you may not care much about how fast a site loads. But as time goes by, the slow loading will affect how much traffic it generates.

To improve your WordPress website speed, you need an optimization plugin. With this plugin, you can increase page speed and performance. NitroPack is a plugin that will efficiently help in optimizing and boosting a website, so it becomes highly functional to users. Now, let us see how slow loading speed can affect a site and how NitroPack can greatly help out.

How Slow Load Speed Affects a Site

Here’s how slow load speed affects a site:

1. It Leads to an Increase in Bounce Rate

A sluggish site will push people away from visiting. The time it takes for a webpage to load can increase these bounce rates. Two seconds is enough to make people get bored and cancel the loading page. But a fast website will attract more visitors and make your site a delight for your regulars.

2. It Can Cause a Reduction in Conversion Rates

A reduction in conversion will lead to the generation of less money. For example, research showed that if e-commerce websites load within seconds, the revenue gained will be doubled. This is enough reason to take speed optimization for your website serious.

3. It Leads to Poor User Experience

When it takes time for certain pages to load on websites, many visitors cannot benefit from using them. This causes a poor user experience. To improve such an experience, make sure you have a site that loads fast that people will enjoy surfing through.

4. It Leads to a Reduction in Traffic

When there is a reduction in organic traffic, it can affect search engine ranking. For instance, on Google, a constantly slow page will reduce the site’s rank. This will also negatively affect the loading time limit, bounce rates, and income generation. You can read this article to know more about how slow speed affects websites.

How NitroPack Can Help Speed Up Your Website

NitroPack is a speed-optimizing platform that helps sites effortlessly. It comes with free tools such as a Google page speed score and TTFB test. Here are certain ways it helps:

1. Caching

There are various caching systems that NitroPack offers to optimize and make your server faster. Two of these systems are browser and page caching.

Browser Caching

This can help to save specific static resources automatically on the visitor’s computer or mobile phone. This ensures that they do not download them when loading a page.

Page Caching

This can help to save static HTML duplicates of webpages so your server will not have to carry out PHP processing after a visitor surfs the page.

Aside from these two, NitroPack has other smart features such as cache preloading and invalidation. These features help you to ensure that many web visitors have a cached version of the webpages. Likewise, you can exclude some resources on your site from being cached by excluding them during this process.

2. Content Delivery Network

Also known as CDN, this can help to speed up a site’s load time using caching static contents non-various edge locations (or servers). Whenever your website is visited, the visitor will download the page from the edge locations rather than coming to your site’s physical server. The NitroPack’s CDN is powered by Cloudfront and it is built automatically into the service.

3. Code Minification

Computer languages and codes are structured and written in specific ways that make them easy for humans to understand. There are line breaks and comments on each code language. Those characters can slow down how a page loads.

With minification, certain unnecessary characters are removed from the codes. This reduces the weight of files which in turn improves how it loads pages. If you try to remove these characters yourself, it will take time and a mistake could lead to a web crash. With NitroPack, this will take seconds to be accomplished.

4. Code Optimization

NitroPack automatically generates critical cascading style sheets for each of the web layouts. It then defers non-critical cascading style sheet loading. This will now lead to a speed in loading content and boosting webpages’ speed scores.

5. Image Optimization

The images uploaded on a page make up half the size of the webpage, so shrinking them can make your site load faster. With NitroPack, this comes easy. It automatically optimizes images by converting them into a format that would load fast.

Advantages of Using NitroPack to Speed Up Your Website

The pros of using a tool to speed up your website are:

  1. It uses many optimizing techniques to ensure a website speeds up.
  2. It has an in-built content delivery network (CDN) that is powered by an amazon CloudFront.
  3. It can be automated to optimize new content quickly.
  4. It has an advanced optimization option that cannot be found in other plugins.
  5. It is easy to configure and install.
  6. It will greatly improve page speed scores and the loading process.
  7. It works almost immediately after being installed.
  8. They have a 24/7 tech team that quickly resolves issues and maintains site speed.

Disadvantages of Using NitroPack to Speed Up Your Website

As impressive as NitroPack is, certain issues should be addressed and improved on.

  1. Its database optimizing might be tricky.
  2. It could break certain ad scripts.
  3. The cascading style sheets (CSS) might be compromised.
  4. It is more expensive than its competition.


Our concluding remark after this review is that the NitroPack is a good optimization plugin to help improve site performance. It is easy to install and use. Aside from the pricing, it does a very good job of making your WordPress website fast.

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  • Great post, your articles are always informative. I have used many plugins to improve the website speed, but the nitro pack is best. I will recommend everyone use this plugin. Keep posting!

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