How to Make Money on YouTube Without Adsense

How to Make Money on YouTube Without AdSense

I think you will all believe that,

YouTube is a world’s largest video portal, and it’s one of the craziest and most viral video-sharing sites.

Many of us also know that we can earn money through YouTube, and already many people are earning their living from YouTube.

All you need is to pick a niche you are experienced in, a computer, screen capturing software, and you might need a good vlogging camera too.

But, how they are earning their living through YouTube?

Do I have to say this, I think you all know about this that they earn through “AdSense.”

Of course, AdSense is the best way to monetize your YouTube channel, if you are having a significant amount of views and subscribers.

But what if AdSense banned you or you are not having enough subscribers and views on your videos.

Let me explain,


To earn a lot of amount from YouTube all you have to do is to create an AdSense account and monetize your video through that ad network.

But are you getting enough money or your desired money from it?

I think most of the vloggers can’t earn a fancy amount on YouTube as they are not having a millions of views. In particularly in the low paying countries, Google AdSense will pay even less.

So, what to do next? Many vloggers have this query and to be frank I am having this query in my mind before few months.

But later I found few ways which are helpful for all vloggers to earn a few more bucks on YouTube and most importantly without AdSense.

Now here’s the deal:

Let’s travel through the post and I promise you, you’ll definitely find  out how to make money on YouTube without AdSense.

What you’ll get in this post:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freedom Program
  • Selling products and services
  • Sponsorships

Affiliate Marketing:

As you all know affiliate marketing is a huge boost to online money makers, but you may have some doubts that “How can I make money from affiliate marketing with YouTube”.

Let’s know how you can make money,

Generally, Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting a product or a service to your visitor if he makes a purchase then you will get the commission in terms of rewards for each sale.


What affiliate marketing can do with YouTube?

Well, don’t be in a hurry, just see the process as I will walk through with some core and necessary steps which you can make use of.

In, Affiliate marketing you must choose a product to promote, and you can select your own desired products from the affiliate markets or Affiliate programs itself.

Nowadays, almost every service and product has their own affiliate policy so choose for the best product you want to review.

If you have still issues in selecting a product,

Make use of this:

  • First of all start with the products and services.
    1. Make sure you know what product you are selling.
    2. Check the product or service before you opt for it, make sure it’s a good product or services.
  • Then choose the product which is related to your niche, if you cannot find one, choose one semi-related to your niche. But don’t choose other niches which are not even related to your stuff.

Affilate Marketing - ClickBank

  • Compare the commission rates on the affiliate’s marketplaces like click bank, Amazon affiliates, commission junction, etc.

ClickBank Marketplace

  • Take a look at the affiliate management of the product.
  • Make sure you have read all the affiliate terms of the product.

That’s it,

Now, you selected your product but,

How can you make money by affiliate marketing from YouTube?

With the above process you picked a product or service now, all you have to do is to make an original video about that product and don’t be too pushy, just be informative and expressive and express your real views about the product.

And make a video that, how the product really helps people. That’s it.

Just include your affiliate link in the description of your video.

After that, all you have to do is promote your video at different places online.

Make sure to promote a single product in a video, because if you include two or more products, then people might not be interested buying your product.

Example: A small tactic which is used by you–tubers or YouTubers.


This is a critical business thinking where they attract users to drive to their site to increase traffic and gives them discounts and deals for the product.

So, use these kinds of tactics if you are having a good audience reach it will make them even more attractive towards all your products. You can also include new tactics and experiment on new ideas to improve your sales and your income.

By doing this, you don’t have to worry about the AdSense, you can also keep this along with AdSense monetization as well to earn some extra income.

Freedom Program:

Freedom is a YouTube partnership network, where you can make money from YouTube without AdSense. It’s pretty amazing network where many AdSense disabled vloggers wanted to work with.

Freedom Partnership Program

Freedom is a partnership program where you can earn 60%, and freedom network will take 40% of your income.

I hope now all of you got the somewhat strange feeling because giving a 40% of your earnings means it’s not audible words for all of us, but do you know that AdSense will take your 45% of your income and gives you 55% for you.

Freedom Partnership Program Features

If you are having your AdSense disable by “Multiple strikes” and “Invalid, click Activity” or rejected content, etc.

You can opt for freedom program, and it’s a trusted network where you will always get payment on time. The most remarkable thing about freedom program is you can leave that network whenever you want.

And there is no minimum payout, whatever you earn from that network they will pay you, and also you can choose music from its library for free, it’s having lots of music’s available for videos and there will no tax holding in this network.

How to work on Freedom program and earn money:

  • Just click partner with us and join freedom program.

Freedom Partnership Signup

  • Before signing up, you should have a YouTube channel to enable monetization features and to make good amount or else they will not approve your account.
  • Once you are done with sing up process, you will get a form where you must fill up all the personal info and payment info to the form.
  • Submit the above information and wait until you get the mail with your login credentials. But remember that’s not the full approval process.
  • There will be a waiting period of 1-2 days, for the approval process and you receive an email.
  • Now after approval process go to your dashboard and follow the instruction from the freedom network. That’s it.

Selling Products and Services:

Along with the above two factors, you can also earn money from selling your own products and services to your audience. And many vloggers are making use of YouTube videos to get clients.

Check this:

Selling Services on Youtube

See you can even check top three results are offering services and you can find even more videos with the services and some own products.

Still don’t know what this is about, let me give you a clear view:

Let’s say you’re an SEO vlogger where you have experience in your own channel’s niche, and you are making videos about that SEO tricks and tips and uploading it to YouTube.

Now, when your audience find your video is helpful then he is very oblivious to subscribe you, and if the audience in interested to improve their work by offering your service, then you will get a client easily.

All you have to do is make an excellent video and just make a service offering at the end of your video; now you can easily convert an attractive audience into your customers.

You even turn all the information you got into a useful book, and you can sell your book.

Whether you are a vlogger about beauty, travel or any niche you can go beyond the YouTube by sharing all your experience and thoughts in-depth with your eBook.

If you are serious about your eBook, then you can make use of the Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Where all you have to do is create valuable material, either it is a long and descriptive eBook, or you can write it short it really doesn’t matter.

After writing your content just upload the document as a Microsoft Word file or pdf and rest all about formatting the program will take care of that, and you can also upload a separate cover for your eBook.

And once you finished your book will appear on the Amazon for sale, and you can easily use your YouTube channel and social media to promote the book.

Kindle Products

It’s a very similar for the products and services as well, push it as much as you can and see the rest results. The more sales will get you more money.


Rising of commercialization business has become a big boon for online marketing, bloggers and vloggers. It’s because of the sponsorships that the companies give.

Mercantile businesses have even noticed huge profits and more customers’ visits in their business by promoting their brand using sponsorships. So, they are looking forward to YouTube creators those are interested in sponsored videos.


How is it possible for a YouTube channel? How can we really earn?

Here the earning may vary from free products to high amount of money. If we are into a product reviewing, then we may get free goodies or else money for brand promotions.

Our earnings are purely dependent on the audience and how far it reaches. Along with the audience reach, income is also dependent up to the extent that we promote the brand.

Now it’s time to check which brands have sponsored programs. If you think of certain brands for which you want sponsorships, then just check in their websites whether they have sponsored programs or not, depending on that you can approach. If those brands don’t have sponsored posts, then you can approach for a proposal of sponsored posts.


Approach for proposal of sponsored posts:

As I said earlier, if the brand you wish doesn’t have sponsored posts then you have to put a proposal. When you go for a proposal, let the company know that you do exactly have on your YouTube channel.  And after that express the benefits and the reason for acceptance of the proposal.

When you approach different sponsors, have unique proposal approach for each company. This would be really helpful in drawing the attention.

To get into a marketplace for knowing sponsored brands:

Suppose if you don’t have any ideas for a brand name then you can search in a marketplace website like FameBit. Here you can find all the companies which are interested in sponsored program. So you need not worry for sponsored proposals and all. In this kind of marketplace sites, it becomes easier to get sponsorships because all the responsibilities will be done by marketplace site (ex: FameBit) itself.

Now all you have to do is sign up with any of your social media networks and check the brands and agencies which are offering sponsorships.

But the only problem with these sponsorships is it needs subscribers the more subscribers you get, the more income will rise for you.Famebit

Hence this becomes another mode of earning money from YouTube without AdSense.


These are the best ways to monetize your YouTube channel without Adsense, and now you will finally have some relive as you can find other ways to optimize your videos if Google AdSense rejects your account or if you are earning pretty low income or having other reasons.

Hope this post offered you valuable tips. Now show your friendliness by sharing this with your friends and also with all social media followers as well.

Hussain Omar has built his expertise as a knowledgeable and experienced SEO strategist, he’s the founder of Hustaw SEO, and the guy behind this blog. An addict to anything related to SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Blogging.


  • Thanx for such a great information..
    It is really amazing for me

  • Thanx for such a great information..
    It is really amazing for i totally disappointed that my adsense account is disbled and i am not going to get paid in future…

  • Great information. My adsense disabled recently and now I was looking for any other way to earn with Youtube. You gave amazing Idea Thnks!

  • How about featuring sponsored content in the videos?
    Still it’s a good way but one needs a good number of viewership and subscriptions..
    Aman bansal recently posted…List of Countries with The Most BillionairesMy Profile

    • Indeed, you need to show these sponsors some stats, at least to help them to estimate what they are paying for, and what they will get.

  • This is really a great alternatives those who are looking for the alternatives. When compare to adsense other networks also providing more opportunities to earn bucks. As you said Affiliate is one of the best program for bloggers. Can you able to mention any specific websites apart amazon and clickbank
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  • Video promotion in youtube channel is a valuable way of affiliate programs promotion. Really in next youtube is going to overcome Adsense. Thanks for sharing such a value packed post this will surely help in evaluating my business. Google Adsense has many restrictions to follow so all the video will not be approved in Google Adsense, so it is always fine to find the other resources. Youtube channel video promotion is surely going to be an excellent resource other than Google adsense.

    • I’m so glad that my alternatives to AdSense will be of help to you.
      Let me know how it goes 🙂


  • Yes! its a best way to promote the affiliate programs, and the best part is video presentation is always valuable and am planning to open my youtube channel and purchased a screen recorder software this morning and searching for the youtube money making methods found yours. Thanks for the post mate!

    • Great to see that you started taking action, Charan!

      Wish you a huge success!


  • No doubt adsense is the best ad network compared to others. When adsense account is banned , adsense alternative is really helpful for blogger. Thanks for sharing high paying adsense alternatives
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    • The pleasure is all mine, Gaurav! Thanks for visiting and commenting!
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  • Hello Hussain,

    Well, I have read numerous articles on Youtube but this one is pretty amazing you have provided some extraordinary info, which helps individuals a lot. Because there is a huge misconception that Google Adsense is the only best source of online money making.

    Many thanks for sharing such an excellent post 🙂

    Keep writing

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    • Hello Mairaj,

      Great to see here you on my blog! Happy you found the info here extraordinary, you just made my day!

      You are right, that huge misconception pushed me to have this post. People think on AdSense as the only way to get money, while some of the other alternatives are more worthy. They just need to think out of the box.

      Thanks for the visit, Mairaj!
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  • It’s great to have alternatives to adsense. Thanks for sharing all the ideas Hussain.
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