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How to Find a Niche for Your Blog

It seems a strange question for a while, doesn’t it?

It is not for a number of reasons.

Only 2 percent of the online startups have their intended results. These scary numbers should not prevent you, but they should make you do your first steps with more caution.

Every step should be studied.

Especially, if the niche site you trying to find is your serious project, that you will need to invest financial resources and a lot of your valuable time. Your selection should be feasible.

Simply, like any offline project, we should do a feasibility study for what you think of as an opportunity.

It is slightly different as it will be detailed online research, in which you should answer some sub-questions to finally answer the main question which is here: how to find your blog niche?

Before We Begin

First, you should know, what are the characteristics of the successful niche site.

Even before that we need to know what is the blog niche.

For example, sport is the broad topic, in which there are a lot of sub-topics can be appear, like football, tennis, etc, these sub blogging categories are called niches.

You can even go further specializing your blogging but the idea remains the same.

Why to Go for Niche Sites?

Imaging if your blog on any blog topics, like technology, do a quick search for an expected keyword that such a site is targeting, let’s say “best mobiles”, what you will find a lot of giant competitors, I saved your time and googled it for you:

Broad Niche

You can check their DA on Moz Explorer, or their traffic on SEMrush to realize that you can’t bear any of these giants, especially if you are that one who is starting this battle.

The solution is to dig deeply in the niche and see the very long tail keywords that giants didn’t care about yet and try to build a website around them, so you guarantee this way having reasonable competition that you can bear to struggle for and to win.

Furthermore, targeting long tail keywords will guarantee you reach specific audiences, which results in higher conversion rates, in term of engagements, lead conversions, and sales.

How to Find a Niche for Your Blog

There are a lot of posts online that suggest lists of niches to blog in, I will not do this here, as I already did on this blog. I will teach you in this post how to pick one of them instead.

To be able to pick a niche for your blog, you should consider the following points:

You will stick to the niche for a long time

Some bloggers are saying that you should be passionate with. For me it is a plus, as It depends. If you have a big budget, then you can afford specialized writers in your niche, who can deliver content up to your par, in such a case, no need to be passionate about the topic. This is already proven, as many professional bloggers do have a lot of blogs in completely different niches. It is a plus, as if you are passionate of the topic, it will be easy for you to show up and sharing it everywhere on social media networks, to your friends and the communities. It will be easier for you to build your authority in the niche.

Another important thing is that the niche itself should be an evergreen one, except if you will go for the event blogging. This way you will guarantee that the demand for your content will be always there. As people is asking and searching about it today, and they will also do in the future.

The niche should have enough post ideas

Yeah, if you can’t find in your primary research 100 post ideas to write about, and these ideas have long tail searchable keywords, then the niche is not the one you should invest in. You should deliver value, so, these keywords will be a variety of Informational and Buy keywords.

Supplements niche

Informational posts are those you will try to educate your visitors about the niche and no affiliate links will be in them, in the buy keywords there will be reviews, Best and top lists in which you will review and suggest products.

An example here is fitness supplements, you will find endless keywords and ideas to write on in this niche, and there will be new products to talk about every single day.  I’m not talking here about the competition as I will talk about it in a single section later here.

The niche you will pick should have money in it.

Delivering value is not bad at all, but your purpose is to make money here, if you don’t see that your idea will be monetized by any mean, it is not the right niche for you. Maybe you will say that traffic that you will have will be monetized by PPC networks, bear in mind that the conversion rates are low for such niches, for AdSense or any other networks, and the payout too, as no enough advertisers there.

Parakeets niche

Considering all that, you will be left with the fact that you will need huge traffic to get enough turnout.

For example, if you are interested in breeding Parakeets, and want to do a niche site around it, you will be restricted with a few ranges of products like their foods, treatments, cages, etc, with no enough searches. Also, all these products are relatively cheap and are literally very few, however there are some people might insist to do such a dear and afford the consequences.

Bear in mind, even those promising niches could not be your profiting niche for a variety of reasons, then why to risk more and select a niche which is not promising from the beginning???

You can check the market by exploring AliExpress categories, products and their prices, as they are covering nearly all the categories:


AliExpress categories

Diving in you can see how specific you can get there:

AliExpress sub-categories

As you can check there are a lot of categories and sub categories, so you can dive deeper to see the potentials, and from here you can get some of your keyword ideas too.

You should check the competition

Yeah, even small niche sites have tough battles. It is hard to find a niche with an easy competition, by yet in some niches, there are some chances. You should know it from your keyword research. In each keyword you will pick, there should be at least 3 competitors with DA of 25 or less. Others could prefer to depend on Ahrefs DR to be less than 15. Whatever the metric you will use, the logic remains the same. You could up your game for tougher competitors later when you get more Authority, but not at the beginning.

To generate the keywords themselves. Long tail pro, KWfinder, SpyFu, etc. The list is really long. For me, I enjoy to see the beginner sites and spy their keywords, of course using SEMrush. From there you can see the keywords that generate the traffic for your competitors, other related keywords, and the LSI keywords. You will love it once you try it. Long tail pro is great as well. I don’t want to explain the keyword research process here, as there will be another guide for it here on my blog soon.

Bottom line.

We came to the end of today’s post, in which we learnt how to pick a niche for your blog, a niche that you can work on, a niche with money in it to have a share of it, a niche that you can success in it. It is your turn, let me know in the comment box, if I can give you any further assistance.

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