How I Gained 500 Social Shares Overnight

How I Gained 500 Social Shares Overnight!

Every one wants to get the boom on social media platforms, and thinks that it is not an easy job to do, and most of us think it needs someone who is a professional social media guy to do it, or someone who is very famous in the field to get his/her content shared everywhere by the his/her 100k+ followers.

I found that to be a myth. You can do it. All you need to do is to include some important ingredients in your mix: The idea, the implementation, and the proper presentation.

Maybe others have their own ways to do it, but I’m showing you here the way that I followed.

How the Idea Was Developing

It started with me when I was thinking to rework my old post: 6 SEO Quotes to Inspire Your Business in 2016, the post gained only 39 social shares, and 10 comments, I decided to change that, by adding more quotes to the post, but even adding more quotes, would not guarantee a serious change in the social signal.

The common case was to add more quotes of famous experts and outreach to them, just to let them know you quoted them, and most of them will not respond as they are super busy.

Painful scenario, isn’t it?

I really didn’t expect social engagement if I just did that.

So, I had to find a way to know the experts who will engage with what I’m going to do in social media, and some of my friends on Facebook were promoting their roundup posts and their engagement was just amazing.

Why not to make it experts roundup?” Asked myself.

It is way better to ask the experts for a quote they want me to include in the post, than just quoting what the experts had said.

And, these experts who will respond and suggest a quote, will be the active experts who are ready to show engagement on social media platforms.

How It Went During the Implementation:

I was  looking for inspiring SEO quotes, and when you think about it, you will notice that these days, not only SEO experts are experienced in SEO, internet and blogging experts are aware of the SEO importance, and they surely have a lot to say about it.

This is why I went for two main targeted groups, SEO Experts and Blogging Experts.

Yet, it wasn’t that easy…

And to get it done, I depended on two facilitators:

Field Influencers

First, let us agree on one thing:

Influencers’ followers could share too.

Yes, the influencers of your field will help you greatly if you are connected to some of them via Facebook or twitter, in many ways:

  • Their participation will add authority to the post, and as these are big names and have targeted followers,  when they will promote their participation on your post they will be indirectly introducing you to their fans, and that is definitely why you needn’t to have a huge number of followers to have a good number of social shares.
Jordan Kasteler Tweet

A screenshot from the Twitter profile of Jordan Kasteler – the reputable consultant in the SEO field, his tweet got loved by a nice number of his followers and got some retweets as well.

  • Another thing these experts will help you with is to get recommendations. You should ask them for the recommended experts to join the party. Even if they are already on your list, tell them also if one of the influencers recommended them to join, you will see more commitment from their side this way.

Previous Roundups

You do not need to completely reinvent the wheel, there are some friends in the field who made roundups, so going there to their blogs will show you those experts who like to participate in roundup posts. From there you can go to experts’ social accounts or to their Contact Us forms on their websites.

With these facilitators, the process turned to be much easier.

I edited my unique email template and started outreaching the experts. There was a lot of work to be done with emails and reminders, however I enjoyed doing that as I was building new relationships along the way.

Got the Responses! How to Present Them Now?

I had selected the participant’s information to be featured previously before starting the outreaching process (Name, Twitter or Facebook, one URL, and the BIO), no headshot photo was there on my requirements list. Actually, at the beginning I wasn’t really convinced in having the photo, as I hadn’t see a lot of quote posts with headshot photos, most of them included only text and some added the quotes to background photos.

Discussed this matter with two of my friends, Philip Ariel and Ali Raza, both have experience in doing roundup posts and emphasized on the importance of the experts photos for impacting the social shares. I had to consider their point of view.

But, at that moment, yet I wasn’t convinced that the post will look great with only headshot photos , quotes, and the BIOs, yes there is always a place for the graphic design and Photoshop to enhance the look, but if I went for that option, it was going to take a lot of time and efforts, plus, graphic design is not my area, so hiring a designer to do that task was the possible option to do it. I had to find a solution for this, I badly wanted these quotes to be sharable.

So, started seriously to look for plugins for quotes or that make it easy to share quotes, till I found an amazing plugin that will represent the post perfectly, directly bought it and sent all those who didn’t send their photos an email asking them for the headshot photos. Yes, that plugin was TweetDis plugin.

This plugin is perfect for such a post, it is mainly for twitting the quotes, takeaways, post teasers .. etc.

Here is how the quotes looked after using the plugin:

Quote Sample

After finishing formatting all the quotes and publishing the post, I directly headed to Facebook and tagged all the experts who where on my friends list on that post and my close friends as well:

The Roundup Post on Facebook

Facebook post screenshot.

Most of them came to like and comment, and share it.

Twitter Sample Quote via PAC

A screenshot of one of the tweets that the Power Affiliate Community (PAC) did.

In 24 hours, the post got 525 social shares! Awesome! isn’t it?

The quotes’ great look made it possible for the participants to have a screenshot of the screen and just share them on Facebook:

A Quote Shared on Facebook

A screenshot from Muhammad Ismail’s Facebook profile.

Some Learned Lessons:

Yet, there were some learned lessons, and things that I wished I have done earlier that could have impacted the social signals, some of them are:

  • Using Hashtags in the quotes: Yes I didn’t set hashtags at the beginning till I saw some of my experts edited the quotes themselves to add the hashtags on the second day. Using hashtags was going to make big buzz on twitter, so consider it to get the most of your roundup post efforts.
  • Adding Twitter identifier of the experts: Some quotes were less than 140 characters, even after adding my Twitter identifier, I could have added the expert identifier too, and that will notify him whenever a visitor twitted his/her quote.
  • Expert roundup posts need more time to be dedicated: You should have that in mind to reach your target of participants, you should have some posts already scheduled to feel okay to dedicate the time for the roundup post, this way you will not feel in hurry to publish the roundup as soon as possible.

However, I’m so satisfied with the results I got 🙂

Final Words:

We came to an end here, where I demonstrated how I got 500+ social shares overnight. Thanks to all the experts who did the shares and helped me to get all these shares, without you, that wouldn’t have been possible.

It was a great experience for me, learned many things in the preparation of the roundup. Now it is your, if you have anything in your mind regarding the process I have followed or the results, just let me know in the comment box 🙂



  • Thank you Hussain for sharing the ‘behind the scenes’ work involved to get to your goal!
    It is wonderful to have the insight and inspiration that you have crafted so well.

    • It is so nice to see your wonderful words here, Sonia!
      Glad you found it inspiring.
      Keep visiting!


  • Hi! thanks for the information. Great article. Believe it or not this is the first time I coming across round up post. You article is great insight.

    • Hi Amaka,
      Great to see you here, roundup posts is a great option to move with your blog to the next level, let me know if you need any help in implementing it 🙂

  • Hi Hussain Brother,
    A wonderful write-up indeed Great Informative Post: Thank You So Much, Mate For Sharing Awesome article, Keep Sharing and Good Work,

    have a Nice Day Ahead,
    Blog Rank SEO

    • Great to see you here again, Muhammad!
      Glad you liked the post, thanks for stopping by!
      Keep visiting


  • Hussain that’s a really neat strategy to bring people on board. I refer to it as the “bring them along for the ride” technique. So easy too.

    Create a new post and link to respected bloggers. Or ask for their opinion via a new post, or by sprucing up and old one as you did. So easy, I’ve no idea why few bloggers do this. Oh yes I do. They want to be Lone Wolves LOL. Learned that lesson the hard way. Now I run with the pack, every day, bonding with my blogging buddies.

    Congrats on the quick 500 social shares and thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I’m so excited to see you here again, Ryan!
      I should thank you as one of those influencers who made it possible for me to reach that success.
      Yes, you are right, the strategy is easy to apply, one just need to manage it properly, and every one can implement it.
      Thanks for dropping by to comment, Ryan!

  • Hi Hussain,
    Great follow up with your round-up article that was wonderful, but I personally was very interested in how the quotes from the influencers looked. Finding that plugin was really a great find for your article. Saved you so much time as all you needed was their headshot photos and added their quote. Very impressed with this plug in.
    Great job!

    • Hi Kathryn,
      Thanks for your nice words!
      Glad you found the article great.
      Yes, the plugin is awesome, especially for saving the time, that you need it badly when you do roundup posts.

      Enjoy your weekend!


  • Hussain, wow, what an eye opener. I have some round-up posts but not as lengthy as you or Philip, the kings of round-ups! I’m glad to have read through this about adding the quotes from influencers. I need to work on doing more of those too. I’m just working on a project and this will help me through it. Thank you so much for sharing how you did and the success that followed. I know it was a lot (ton!) of work.

    • Lisa, first of all I’m so excited to see you here commenting on my blog! Thanks for all the nice words!
      Yeah, quotes work like a charm as you saw. I’m sure you will do great on the next project you have in hands.

      Keep visiting!

  • Hi Hussain,

    This is a really nice look into the “back office” of a successful expert roundup post.

    It really helps people see how a project like this developed, and of course, how it got so much juice from the masterful strategy you employed.

    Yes, you learn from every project like this, and I’m sure you’re only going to get more and more traction as you continue along this path.

    Excellent job, and it looks like you got some good advice from your friends who are also top bloggers 🙂


    • Hi Donna,
      Thanks for the nice words of support!

      You are right, the purpose of this post was to tell all those who are looking for quick exposure that it is possible, they just need to dedicate the needed efforts.

      I’m so lucky to have such friends, Donna! You are one of them for sure!
      Thanks again for dropping by to comment.

      Have a nice weekend!


  • This is awesome and true value!

    Thanks for sharing the blueprint with the rest of you!

    Keep prospering and climbing.


    • Thanks for your supportive comment, Matthew!
      Keep visiting!


  • Hi Hussain

    Not surprised the post turned out to be awesome. Seeing how much thoughts with caliber of Bloggers that worked with you like Philip who is an expert in Roundup posts.

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Take Care

    • You are right, Ikechi. You did nice tweets on Twitter too, appreciated.

  • Hey Hussain,

    The roundups always work.

    I have noticed what you have gained from that post. Gaining the social shares and the followers is the best output from such activities.

    An SEO effective post with the interaction of many people makes is self-boosting.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Enjoy the day.

    • Hey Ravi,
      Indeed, it is a great way to get fast exporsue, eager to participate on yours soon 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, Ravi!


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