Could pop-ups be bad for SEO

Could Pop-ups Be Bad for Your SEO? Google Answered!

Bloggers and webmasters use pop-ups a lot, to show offers, and to gather subscribers emails, they work well for these purposes but, could pop-ups be bad for SEO?

Actually, this question has been a debate for long time.

Some experts said that pop-ups could not be good for the user experience, which in turn affects your Bounce Rate.

Who wants to be interrupted with a pop-up window? Do you? Especially if it is not that well planned one!

There are many tips to enhance the user experience, including the time in which the pop-up will show, the design and colors of the pop-up, and the most important factor that we should give more care to from now on, is the content of the popup.

Yes, the content of the pop-up now is more important than ever now as John Mueller from Google said something new on their Webmasters YouTube channel.

He confirmed that the visitor should get real value before seeing these pop-ups

But the real shock was when Mueller said that Google could consider the content of the pop-up as primary content, giving it higher priority than the website content.

Leaving you now with the embedded video from Google Webmasters Youtube channel that could change the way you use pop-ups.

For the script, you can read it on Search Engine Round Table


  • Hi Hussain,
    Interesting video … what rings true for me is quality, quality, quality, is #1. Also duplicated content is not a good idea, and using internal links is a good thing. informative! Thank you šŸ™‚

    • Glad to see you here again, Lesly šŸ™‚ Thanks for the nice words! I’m so happy you found the post informative, and yes these things you mentioned when combined together will provide better user experience, and that is the message that Google is trying to send to everybody. Thanks again for the visit and valuable comment, Lesly!

  • I see Hussain, you don’t use popups. I use but I’ll make some changes in the way they appears.
    Thanks for this important article.

    • Glad to know that my post will help you in changing the way you do it šŸ™‚

  • Hello Hussain
    Great post !I definitely don’t like pop-ups ,especially at the beginning of the post.
    And I agree with you wholeheartedly if you are going to use the pop-up at least have some relevant content for me.
    The pop-ups that irritate me are the ones that I can’t discontinue so I’m forced to leave. Thanks for sharing, have a great day.

    • Hello Darrell,
      Thanks for visiting and for dropping your valuable comment!

      Keep visiting


  • Very informative article Hussain. Actually as you said the bloggers should only show users popups after they have spent quality time on blog. This will help them to create a more stronger relationship with their readers.

    Thank You

    • Thanks for the nice words, Mehul!
      Visitors should be your top priority! This is the way to guarantee you get most of your online business.

  • Hi Hussain. I hate popups and won’t use them. It’s amazing to me how so many people hate them, yet they still use them on their sites. To me it shows bad integrity. If you hate them then why would you subject your readers to them.

    As far as Google SEO, I don’t see how they really have that much of an effect. They may have a small effect on bounce rate but that should be all. I would imagine that most of them are created in javascript. As long as the plugin was well done and adds the javascript to the footer, or at least somewhere down the page, then Google should see and index your intended content first.

    • Hi Ben.
      I think all of us don’t hate the pop-ups themself, we hate the way they are used, and Google just confirmed that. Google sees that, if you have relevant pop-up, then they will not be annoying simply.

      But if your pop-up content is not relevant, and doesn’t give the users enough time to be attracted to your site, you are actually annoying them for sure.

      Apart from what Google sees, we should monitor our own stats and observe our users’ behavior, and do only what suits our targeted visitors.

      Thanks Ben for stopping by!


  • Hi Hussain,

    As a blogger, I do read tons of blogs per day. When pop ups come up, especially splash pages, it is annoying. I know that many people have success with them, but I’m not a fan. Even if there is a pop up and it has a clear X I don’t mind much. But when it comes to those whereI cannot find my way out….I just leave!

    I’ve seen some use pop-ups and it is so distracting, it takes me a longer time to read the post. Indeed, very annoying.

    I don’t mind something in the beginning or at the end….just let me read the post!


    • Hi Donna,
      It is a big joy to see you here.

      I just do the same like you when I face an annoying pop-up, any pop-up shouldn’t sacrifice the user experience whatever the conversion it will do for the site owner, and I believe it will not work for the long-term.
      I think with these new heads up by Google, people will adapt to provide better user experience.

      Thanks for dropping by to comment!


  • Hi Hussain,
    Nice to be here again,
    Hey, good Question and wonderful answers!
    Yes, these pop ups are really annoying, in some pages even the pro bloggers page just after entering from all sides this monsters pops in!!!
    As, said its, really irritating thing,
    Just few days back i visited a new page and the sad thing happened is that
    as usually one pop up entered for subscribing and i did and the thing was not moving instead it stood stand still like an adamant person, i thought of running away, but i could not do due to some reason and immediately i send him an email about this irritating thing, and immediately he send a thank you note and fixed it and i could able to spend time and share and comment there.
    I do not know much about the effects on SEO but one thing is for sure, pop ups popping in and around is really an irritating thing of course as Erika said if its showing after a while its well and good.
    Anyways thanks for sharing this note with the wonderful video of Mueller šŸ™‚
    PS: Hey, Hussain i curated thin post on the pages of BizSugar and upvoted it and shared on twitter etc.
    Thanks again for sharing this

    • Hi Philip,
      Iā€™m so happy to read your comment here.
      As you said Philip, there are a huge number of internet professionals do that, but absolutely it is not good for the user experience.

      The person you have sent the email to is a really lucky person, because not all visitors will be as kind as Philip to give him their valuable time sending the email. I believe he already lost a number of visitors before you shot that email.

      Thanks for sharing my post on BizSugar and Twitter, appreciated.


      • Hi Hussain,
        It’s indeed great joy to be here and to share your posts.
        Keep writing such informative pieces.
        Have a wonderful day.
        ~ Philip

        • Thanks for your nice words!
          Same to you!


  • Hi Hussain,

    Google use to hate it. But they’re using it now in their Adsense program.

    Do you know what they’re doing now, bro? They’re trying to defend what they’re doing by showing us how to apply it.

    They’ve realized if they don’t go in for it, more money will be lost.

    Meaning, we can continue to use. But in their recommended way, right?

    I’ve never liked popups myself.

    It’s good you’ve shared this with us.

    Thanks for the prompting, Hussain.


    • Hi Francis,

      You are right, we should give more care for the user experience.

      Users shouldn’t hate the way we are showing them our offers and they should be more relevant, not only for Google, but for conversions too.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  • Nafisul Islam

    Very useful article Hussain. šŸ™‚

    • Glad you found it useful Nafisul. Keep visiting!

  • Hi Hussain ,
    an interesting subject . I do not like the popups who
    appear right at the begin and interrupt my reading ,
    it makes me want to leave the site .Some are very
    annoying ,I agree with you after our talk ,that it is
    better to have them after a time ,or I saw some
    appear when leaving the site ,this seems to me
    much better . As we see it can even be bad for SEO.
    I think they may disappear again and something better
    will be discovered.
    Thank you for this interesting post

    • Hi Erica,
      You’re right, popups should not annoy visitors, but with this video shared, I think a lot of webmasters will rearrange their stuffs.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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