Could pop-ups be bad for SEO

Could Pop-ups Be Bad for Your SEO? Google Answered!

Bloggers and webmasters use pop-ups a lot, to show offers, and to gather subscribers emails, they work well for these purposes but, could pop-ups be bad for SEO?

Actually, this question has been a debate for long time.

Some experts said that pop-ups could not be good for the user experience, which in turn affects your Bounce Rate.

Who wants to be interrupted with a pop-up window? Do you? Especially if it is not that well planned one!

There are many tips to enhance the user experience, including the time in which the pop-up will show, the design and colors of the pop-up, and the most important factor that we should give more care to from now on, is the content of the popup.

Yes, the content of the pop-up now is more important than ever now as John Mueller from Google said something new on their Webmasters YouTube channel.

He confirmed that the visitor should get real value before seeing these pop-ups

But the real shock was when Mueller said that Google could consider the content of the pop-up as primary content, giving it higher priority than the website content.

Leaving you now with the embedded video from Google Webmasters Youtube channel that could change the way you use pop-ups.

For the script, you can read it on Search Engine Round Table


  • Thanks for this interesting and knowledgeable post to shared, this knowledge need to be known to the all the blogger. Because pop up will surely bring down the blog conversion and it slows the bounce rate too. And thanks for sharing this interesting video. I like this blog wholeheartedly, and I think it will help the blogger to create a stronger relationship between the readers. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Welcome, Sathish!
      Most of the bloggers just care with collecting the emails, they don’t care with the other aspects.

      You are right, trust once built will do magic!

      Thanks for the visit and the comment!


  • Hi Hussain,

    Fascinating! That the content of the pop up comes into play. Makes sense though; if it appears online it shall be named CONTENT and if it is an ad it still remains to be content. Jazz it up. Make it drip with benefits. Reel folks in by helping not shouting.

    Not used pop ups for many months now but they do work well if you get clear on your pop up.



    • Hi Ryan,
      It does make sense. If the content is relevant the user will not be annoyed and Google as well 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Ryan!

      Nice weekend ahead


  • Thanks for sharing, Hussain.

    Honestly, I sometimes feel like boring with the popup form of my blog. As you can see, I use popup form for one of my blog (basicblogtalk).

    However, the popup makes my blog slow down so I drop the conversion of the blog. I prefer the popup for an additional month to make sure the bound rate increase not because of the popup.

    What’s more, mobile popup isn’t good for SEO since Google will penalize it.

    Thanks for sharing…

    • Pleasure is all mine, Kimsea.
      Me too, even I don’t know anyone who like them 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!


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