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Copyscape Alternatives: 12 Most Used Plagiarism Checkers in 2020/2021

Every blogger wants that the content he/she publishes to be one of its kind. To get that done, the first tool comes to your mind is Copyscape. As we all know that Copyscape is one of the best online plagiarism checkers, but there are quite many better alternatives for Copyscape.

Let me give in detail about Copyscape alternatives in 2020/2021. But before that, we must know briefly about plagiarism, so that we can know exactly the precise appropriate measures for it.

It is obvious that when a blogger wants to write articles, he/she wishes that it should be more “unique” than others. And he/she wants to get more traffic to his/her site. This process is a most common scenario that happens, on the other hand, some of the bloggers do not like this, they just take others ideas and publish them as their own ideas.

And as we all know, this copying process is an offence, and it’s called as plagiarism. Usually, plagiarism is defined in many ways by many other geeks, but the simplest meaning of plagiarism is copying only.

Now if content is “plagiarised” then, Google may penalize our site and as a result, there will be a huge loss of our sites traffic. Along with these, search appearance will go down, and earnings will drop.

So, to overcome the penalization from Google and other search engines we should act. We must be smart and check our content with plagiarism checkers to see whether our content is 100% unique or not.

Sometimes, we write every word on our own, but when we check on plagiarism checker, it shows some lines as plagiarised. But we should not worry about for this small thing, and just we must change the words, and we can edit our article.

So for this, we should know about the plagiarism tools.

As we all know about the most popular plagiarism checker Copyscape, but as I said we will be having other alternatives for Copyscape.

So, we have other plagiarism checkers which are best and equally competitive with Copyscape. Now, let’s see the Copyscape alternatives:

Best and Free Copyscape Alternatives and Online Plagiarism Checkers 2020/2021:

  1. Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker:

Small SEO Tools are one of the best Copyscape alternatives, It’s having a broad range of SEO tools along with those, plagiarism checker is present.

Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker

It’s free to use and there is no signup or login required to check plagiarised content, but it’s having a limit of 1000 words.

To use it, just copy paste the article into that text box and then type the captcha and hit check plagiarism. Or you can also enter the web page URL, which you wanted to check.

And it will do the rest and then shows you the plagiarised content. You can also download the report of the copied content.

  1. DupliChecker:

Here is another free and Copyscape alternative tool for plagiarism.

DupliChecker also has other SEO tools on offer, and it provides a lot of accurate and detailed reports on all SEO tools.


Now to check plagiarism, you can upload a doc or txt file and hit “plagiarism” button and within a couple of seconds, results will be shown.

DupliChecker is not only accurate, but also checks each and every words and sentence of the content. It’s better to create a free account and remove all the minimum limits of the DupliChecker.

  1. Plagiarism Detector:

Plagiarism Detector is a tool which lets you check plagiarised content easily.

You can either submit the content from the text box or upload a doc or txt file.

There is no need for registration, but if you want to register, then you can sign up for a free account.

Plagiarism Detector

This tool is completely free, and it also offers other SEO tools. It works pretty well and is also different from other plagiarism checkers. It divides your content and search each sentence in Google and will check clearly. And it returns the Google search results with the same sentence.

By that result, you’ll know what information is existing and in which way it is existing, etc.

  1. Quetext:

Quetext is best regarding “searching efficiently” and it is 100% easy to use. Along with these, it also adds text very easily.

Quetext Checker

Quetext Checker doesn’t require any registration or sign up. It also does not have any words limits like others sites. We can use this unlimited number of times without creating an account and also without downloading any software.

But the only problem for this is we can not upload files, the only thing we can do on this site is just to copy the whole document or text and paste it into the box and hit enter. That’s it rest all Quetext will do it for you.

  1. Plagium:

Plagium can be one of the best Copyscape alternatives, but the only problem for Plagium is that it’s not free every time, it only offers two searches per day with 5000 words limit.

Plagium Checker

The limit is great, and it gives the results effectively, but the two free searches will disappoint most of the bloggers.

It also has two kinds of searches one is “Quick search” and the other is “Deep search”.

Quick search is a search which will have a basic overlook on most parts, and it will not search that deeply.

Whereas deeper search is the best option as it searches each and every sentence within the text. It also takes time, and the biggest problem for this is that if you want to do a deeper search you have to register for Plagium.

You can also upload txt or doc files in deeper searches. And in premium versions, it has more features like comparing files and serving results faster and so on.


  1. is free and one of the best alternative for Copyscape because you needn’t to register and signup.

You can only search as many searches you like as it is free for unlimited time.

To check plagiarised content, you must paste your text in the search box and click the plagiarism button to search for copied content.

If you want to search for a particular search engine, then you can do that also in this plagiarism checker.

  1. Plagtracker:

Plagtracker provides most accurate results, and it will be checking all the services and search engines for your content.

PlagTrackerIt has a premium version which will help more, and it will check not only plagiarised content but also it will check grammar and others mistakes and does the writing like a professional writer.

It helps better for publishers and the persons who wanted to learn and also to check their mistakes.

  1. Plagiarisma:

Plagiarisma is another tool which allows us to search plagiarised content, but the drawback to this is, it only allows three searchers per day from one IP address.

But this plagiarism tool supports more than 190 languages and can check all plagiarised content quickly.


On the other hand, the problem with the plagiarisma tool is that it does not search that effectively in the free version.  It will work better with the premium version.

  1. PlagScan:

PlagScan is another Copyscape alternative tool for plagiarism checker.

But to check plagiarism, you should either sign up or register for the PlagScan.

PlagscanAs soon as you get registered for this, then it sends a test credit to activate your account. After that, you can upload a document.

Now, while uploading, you can either upload a single or multiple documents at a time. You can upload just by selecting Ctrl + A.

Once you upload the files, then it will check all the documents and gives you an accurate report, and it takes a few minutes depending on the document lengths.

  1. Copyleaks:

Copyleaks could be another Copyscape alternative, and it’s very easy to check a website which copied your content.

CopyleaksCopyleaks give you a variety of plagiarism checkers, and it’s the best plagiarism checker which checks the URLS correctly.

To access Copyleaks, you should create an account if you want to take full advantage of that plagiarism checker.

It also offers entire website plagiarism scan and finds the content which plagiarised in more than 80 trillion pages. It also supports multiple file formats in any language. But you can do this only if you create an account in it, and it’s only for online content; we can’t keep text in it.

  1. Viper:

Viper is downloadable software which checks each and every word and the complete sentence.

The software is 100% free, and it can scan your documents pretty fast. It reviews more than 10 billion online resources such as blog articles, essays and forums, etc.

ViperSide by side, it also offers comparisons for the plagiarized content, and it scans fast, but if the file is long, then it may take some time.

The process can be “repeated unlimited times” and there is no limit for that, we can do as many times as we want.

It’s available for Microsoft Windows users only. And we must create an account and then do all the stuff.



Grammarly is another excellent plagiarism checker that shows where the copied content is from and the original content link.

Grammarly is usually used for grammar check, and spelling checks by lots of users, but it also finds the plagiarised content.


Mostly premium users of Grammarly will take lots of advantages with this feature whereas free users can only access a few lines per day.

So, these are the best Copyscape alternatives in 2020/2021, and these plagiarism checkers are “trusted” by  the majority of readers, bloggers and writers as well. It is the time now to opt for the best one and check your content before publishing it online. So that’s where you can check whether your content is unique or not.



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  • Brilliant resources here, Hussain, thank you so much for sharing. I know some others have copied my blog content as I have found it in other places. I never copy anything, but occasionally I will use quotations, always clearly marked as such and attributed to the original author, of course.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Glad you found it brilliant Mandy,
      The internet if full of those who just copy others efforts, but search engines are intelligent enough to recognize the older one, and lower the weight of plagiarised content.

      Using the quotation is good thing, it enriches the content and reflects reliability too.

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    Thanks for this awesome list of Plagiarism checkers. i do prefer copyscape but other tools also seems legitimate. Tell me what do you think of small seo tools?

    • Hi Abhishek,
      Small SEO tools checker is a good one to use, as simplicity is one of its main advantages.

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