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About Contentmart

If you know how to play with words and you’re passionate about your writing, then Contentmart is the place for you. Contentmart is the leading freelance content writing company based in India, which offers content writing services globally. Contentmart is a place where aspiring writers can showcase their talents and buyers can quickly hire content writer of their desire, it’s a win-win situation for both writers as well as buyers.

The million dollar question here is, why to use Contentmart and what makes it better than other freelance job offering companies. Let’s find out the features of Contentmart and how they can benefit content writers.

Contentmart for Writers

contentmart process for writers

A freelance content writer always has an issue with the unsteady flow of work. To solve this problem, outsourcing companies are a great option for them, as they provide regular workflow, which means stable income. Contentmart offers following features to a writer:

  1. Registration for writers is absolutely free on Contentmart. There are around 62,000+ writers on the platform currently.
  2. Contentmart has categorized their writers into four levels; standard, experienced, verified and handpicked. The writers need to qualify rigorous tests to become qualified and checked writers. The handpicked writers are personally selected by the team of Contentmart.
  3. Contentmart has over 82,000 clients, so the writers never get a shortage of work with these number of clients.
  4. A writer can easily withdraw the money from their Contentmart wallet, and transfer it to their bank account or supported e-wallet.
  5. The portal’s user-friendly notifications dashboard gives writers live updates on their order status.
  6. They also offer chatting facility, which helps writers to contact their clients whenever there is any issue.
  7. Contentmart charges 20% service fees, which they automatically deduct from every payment. Their service charge is lower than other content writing companies.
  8. Contentmart affiliate program is another attractive feature of this provider. It facilitates you to refer any client and earn. The affiliate program is for everyone. But you will earn only if you invite a client, not a copywriter. They offer flat 10% commission on each successful order completion the referral makes.

Contentmart for the Buyers:

Contentmart Process for Buyers

Contentmart is globally applauded for offering top-notch content writing services to B2B & B2C enterprises.

When a buyer comes in the market of freelancers, he wants to get the best work at considerably reasonable rates. Let’s find out how Contentmart serves the purpose.

  1. For becoming a buyer at Contentmart, you need to create an account to hire a professional writer and then you can hire writers in a variety of categories like web content writer, blog writer, testimonial, advertisement, review, etc.
  2. The biggest hurdle any buyer has to face while appointing writers is to make them understand what he needs. Contentmart has a huge pool of experienced & talented writers who have qualified stringent quality tests for assuring their proficiencies and expertise.
  3. One can quickly become a member of Contentmart after registering for free, or they can also sign up through Facebook.
  4. They offer content in different languages like Hindi, English, Spanish, French etc. and also they offer high-end Translation services now.
  5. Contentmart makes sure that the projects are delivered on time. Buyers can also demand work on short timelines and writers shall provide them the needful work accordingly.
  6. Buyers have full control here, as they can reject or accept any order, and can demand to edit as many time as they desire.

Bottom line

After examining all the services offered by Contentmart to their buyers and writers, I can say that the website is very well managed and offers quality services. So anyone who is looking to hire freelancers and also those who wish to be a freelance writer should try this website once. They won’t regret it.


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