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10 Best Facebook Blogger Groups You Must Join

This post is a guest post contribution written by Umesh Singh.

I guess you’d agree with me if I say networking is an important part of blogging.

If you have been in the blogging for more than a week, you probably have understood the power of networking. Don’t you?

Building relationship with other bloggers is one of the challenging but important for your blogging success.

…and in that journey, Facebook groups can be a blogger’s best networking friend.

In other word, it’s one of best places to find people with whom you can build your own blogger groups.

Yes, you heard right.

But there is one problem; they can also be the biggest time killer if you aren’t able to find the right Facebook groups.

After blogging over six years I have come across some amazing Facebook groups for bloggers.

However, I left few of them because they weren’t as effective as it used to be, but others are amazing.

But wait… before we get over to the Facebook groups list, I would like you to have a glimpse on Facebook group rules which are mostly common for all groups.

#1. DON’T Just Put A Website Link And Run! — Engagement, this is what these groups expect from you. Participate in the conversation, share others content, and comment on the posts.

#2. ONLY Promote where promotion is allowed – However, most of the groups hate the self-promotion, therefore, better avoid it.

#3. Check out the group rules – Every group has their specific rules that can be found in the description section of a group’s sidebar or in the first pinned post.

#4. Avoid over-sharing your content – Some of these groups don’t have any problem with content sharing as long as it is relevant and helpful to the community members. But sharing same content multiples time a day can make the admin kick you out from the group.

#5. Be helpful and humble – This one is important if someone comments on your thread say thanks in return. Or, if someone asks a question that you can answer please do that.

#6. No offense is allowed in this post – This should be applied without saying. If you don’t have anything to say please don’t say.  Generally speaking, you are free to say anything but in a friendly manner.

#7. Be courageous to ask questions – As I told you earlier, these communities can be more than a friend. If you have any doubt ask without hesitation people here will be happy to help you out.

Well, I think that’s enough about the group rules. You might be curious to know about these awesome Facebook groups for bloggers.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Top 10 Facebook Blogger Groups You Must Join:

#Facebook Group No. 1 – HellBound Bloggers (HBB) (Hosted by Pradeep Kumar)


HellBound Bloggers (HBB) is one of the hottest Facebook groups for bloggers currently it has 9,496 active members.

Bloggers are free to share their experience, ask questions related to Social Media, SEO, WordPress, Affiliates, and Blogging related stuff.

It is a closed group. In order to join this group, you have to send a request.

Send a joining request and wait for approval. Once you got approved starting engaging with community threads by commenting and sharing them.

You can share your content on the comments but only if that is relevant to the topics.

Rules Set By Admin:

1- No Off-Topics: This group is only about Social Media, SEO, WordPress, Affiliates, and Blogging related stuff.

2- No affiliate links are allowed – You can mention your affiliate link in the comments if required.

3- No self-promotional posts – Not until if you are an active member of the community.

4- Before asking a question makes sure you search that on the group. It might be someone already has asked that question before.

5- Last rule – These rules of applicable for all including admin.

#Facebook Group No. 2 – Premium Tricks by IFTISEO (Hosted by Iftikhar Ahmad)

Premium Tricks By IFTISEO

Premium Tricks by IFTISEO is a secret group and considered one of the popular Indian blogger communities.

The groups are full of 1,863 amazing people from all around the world who are expert in writing, affiliate marketing, email marketing and blogging.

The group is the one stop solution for those who look for FREE themes, free WordPress plugins, SEO tools for free, social media tools, and other blogging stuff.

Whether you need blogging support or moral support you will have it all here.

Rules Set By Admin:

They don’t have any specific rules but before searching anything you should search it on groups it might already have been posted.

No self-promotion is allowed. Therefore, forget about it.

Facebook Group No. 3 – Kingpinning


Interested to see awesome case studies, live examples, or an extensive training webinar?

Kingpinning is the right group you need to invest your time to.

The group has 25,613 successful active members from different niches who love to share their experiences.

People share their real life case studies how they made money online.

Rules Set By Admin:

There is not a specific rule set by admin but as for as I know no one shares content only real life case studies.

#4. Facebook Groups No. 4 – Niche Site Entrepreneurs – (Hosted by Dom Wells)

Niche Site Entrepreneurs

This is a closed group and purely dedicated to those who are interested in learning internet marketing, making niche websites or being a niche site entrepreneur.

If you think you have any of these qualities, Niche Site Entrepreneurs is the group you should join right now.

Currently, it has 4,399 active members who love to help each other in order to find the right niche and build a site around that niche.

Post promotion is allowed but only one on Friday and that should be relevant.

Rules Set By Admin:

1- The group is only for discussing niche websites, internet marketing, making money online through niche website.

2- Self-promotion is not allowed unless that is relevant. You can promote one post in a week on Friday.

3- You are welcome to ask as many questions as you want, and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

4- Links to other websites and articles are permitted, as long as they are on topic, and helpful.

5- Posting same questions multiple times aren’t allowed.

#5. Facebook Group No. 5 – The Laptop Lifestyle (Hosted by Yaro Stark)

Laptop Lifestyle

The Laptop Lifestyle is the perfect group for those wants to live the laptop lifestyle by making passive income.

If you have a business you can run from your laptop anywhere in the world, this is the community for you.

The goal behind the Laptop Lifestyle group is to provide a platform for online entrepreneurs to share tips and strategies about what is working in their businesses.

You can also ask questions related to online business, tools, marketing, sales, etc.

Rules Set By Admin:

  1. No Self Promotion – strictly not allowed.
  2. No links to your own posts or projects
  3. Posting meaningful links in response to others questions is oK
  4. Be nice and humble to fellow bloggers

#6. Facebook Group No. 6 – Bloggers Funda

Bloggers Funda

As the name suggest this group is dedicated to bloggers. Right now is has 30,347 active members who love to share their expert blogging advice to the newbie bloggers.

If anyone needs WordPress themes, plugins or, tools just ask people on the group they will help you for sure as much as possible.

One thing that isn’t allowed in Bloggers Funda Facebook group is a spamming and irrelevant post.

Rules Set By Admin:

1- No selling posts allowed not even for admin.

2- Any post that doesn’t relate to blogging will be deleted without waiting for a sec.

3- Don’t share a link from your pages or timeline.

4- Don’t share null themes or plugins you might get banned from the community.

5- No Pakistani or Indian courses allowed in this group.

6- Any kind of promotion links are not allowed in the group.

#7. Facebook Group No. 7 – Convert To Close (Hosted by Cody Lister)

Convert to Close

Convert To Close is an amazing group of digital marketing hustlers, agency owners, direct response copywriters and top online entrepreneurs that are looking to find and exchange ideas with the world’s best digital marketers on the planet.

Convert To Close is created with the single mission on how to get more prospects (your target audience) to convert and close with sales funnels, content marketing and paid traffic (mainly, Facebook Ads).

This is a closed group you have to send a request to join it.

Rules Set By Admin:

There are no particular rules set by the admin but as long as I know spam and self-promotion are not allowed in this group.

#8. Facebook Group No. 8 – White Hat SEO – Learn It Now

White Hat SEO

Want to learn white hat SEO for FREE? Have SEO questions? Anything you have related to SEO you want the answer, you can get that here.

This is the group of 9,230 SEO experts who are always ready to solve your SEO queries.

Anything promotional is not allowed in this group. You can share your SEO case studies if you think that will help others.

Rules Set By Admin:

No specific rules are set by admin but no link spam, no self-promotion only pure value.

#9. Facebook Group No. 9 – Private Mastermind Group (Hosted by Stuart Walker)

Niche Hacks

It is a private mastermind group where people discuss niche marketing/affiliate marketing and learn how to find profitable niches.

If you want to start niche website but don’t know where to start? Here you can learn that for free.

35,274 niche experts are ready to help you at every single step you take.

They will share their best niche marketing tips and tricks as well as the tools you will need to build a niche website and rank them to make money online.

Rules Set By Admin:

  1. No Affiliate links, Self-promotion, Link Exchange/Selling, Site Selling is allowed in the group.
  2. Anything off topic will be deleted and if you repeat that action again admin will kick you out.

#10. Facebook Group No. 10 – Blogging With Love (Hosted by Ravi Chahar)

Blogging With Love

Even though the group is new it’s one of the favorite Facebook group of bloggers.

Anyone who needs has problems related to WordPress, blogging, Google Search Console errors, website optimization, SEO, web development can join this public group.

However, it has only 181 members right now but they are more active than any other Facebook community.

Rules Set By Admin:

No special rules are set by admin expect spamming and off topic post.

#Bonus Facebook Groups – PAC Power Affiliate Club Blogging Community (Hosted by Lesly Federici)

Power Affiliate Clup (PAC)

Last but not least – It the community for some 270 energetic peoples. Don’t go over the numbers they are expert and the group accept only who are willing to provide some value.

You will find here people from different niches who share their expertise and helps each other to grow their online income.

Hussain suggested me to join this group and I was lucky to get accepted.

Since them I have learned lots of internet marketing stuff from this community.

In order to join this group you have to fill a particular form so they can know if you are really a blogger or just want spend time.

Rules Set By Admin:

Yes, they have got some rules for the groups.

  1. Only one blog post is allowed in the comment thread.
  2. If you have visited any members’ blog tag them, so they know you have visited their blog.
  3. Spam as usual not allowed in this group also.

Final Thoughts!

These are the top ten Facebook blogger groups which helped me learn digital marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, and other cool internet stuff.

Apart from this, I met some amazing bloggers nearby me who always stand by my side whenever I need them.

If you are interested in learning more about blogging and internet marketing join these groups today and set you blogging career in the right direction.

Let me know which of these groups you were already in?

Umesh Singh

Author Bio: Umesh Singh is a digital marketing strategist and a Curious Blogger. He loves to explore new things and write about blogging, content marketing, social media, and SEO. He helps small companies to grow their business through web.

Follow Him: Twitter / Facebook




  • Nice post, Umesh. Every blogger out there must participate in Facebook groups. Gives you an instant edge over others who do not follow. FB groups is an amazing feature most people are oblivious of. Nice suggestion too for bloggers thriving to build networks and level up. Niche site entrepreneurs is a nice group which has people helping others immensely.

    • Indeed, Venu. Being part of some Facebook groups is must. They will help you greatly build your personal brand, and to build valuable relationships too.

      And yes, Niche site entrepreneurs is one these of great Facebook blogger group to join.

      Thanks for dropping by!


  • I didn’t realize there are so many blogging groups. Don ‘t really have time to explore them. PAC has been fine for my blogging needs. I learn so much when I visit other blogger’s posts.

    • Great to see you here, Dr. Erica!
      I am one of those fortunate people to be a member of PAC group. It is really awesome!

  • Nice list of FB Groups you got here. I am a member of a couple and I do follow Ravi on his wonderful blog.
    Thanks for the list.

    • Thanks for the nice words, Praveen! Ravi’s group is an awesome one.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Its really a tough job to find the relevant facebook groups for our niche. As a blogger your list helps me a lot to engage with. Just joined in top 5 groups. Thanks Umesh.

    • You are right, Massjo. Umesh did a great job here.
      Thanks for visiting!

  • How to join PTI by Iftiseo. I really wanna join that group.

    • Umesh Singh

      Hi Rahul,

      IFTISEO is a secret group to add in that you have send request to the Ifikhar Ahemad or the one who is already a member of that group so he can recommend IFTI to add you in that group.

      I hope you would know someone who is already the member. In case, if you don’t know you can send me request on Facebook I will recommend you to add in Iftiseo group.

  • Could not find PTI by Iftiseo. Was the link changed? Could you pls update with the latest link?

    • Umesh Singh

      Hi Sridhar,

      The link has not changed, the problem you could not see the group is it’s an secret group. To be add in that you have send request to the Ifikhar Ahemad or the one who is already a member of that group so he can recommend IFTI to add you in that group.

  • A nice list of facebook groups, Umesh
    Groups can be very helpful for bloggers.
    You listed some good ones here. Everybody
    can find an interesting group here and choose
    the favorite and fitting one.
    Some of them I did not know.
    Thank you for sharing

    • Umesh Singh

      Hi Erika,

      It’s great to see you here. I guess you’d part of the most of these communities but rest are amazing too you should join them also.


  • Very good compilation of the best Facebook groups to join & update my self by joining some groups as I’m already in some. I thought you left out Future of Indian Affiliate Marketing group which is one of the best I have seen.

    • Umesh Singh

      Hi Jyothi,

      Thanks for the let me know about Future of Indian Affiliate Marketing group. I’ll definitely check it out and add in our next post.

      – Umesh Singh

  • Love the list, some groups I am in, others I haven’t heard of. I expect we all have our favourites but it is crucial that they are engaging and active for sure. I am a PAC member and it’s one of the best and most active groups I’ve been in. Lesly runs a really great group.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Umesh Singh

      Hi Mandy,

      I completely agree with you. There is no benefit to the part of a community which isn’t active or full of spam content. The groups I have mentioned are strict with rules and active.

      Members participate in those groups at regular basis. I would suggest you to join and experience yourself.


  • @Umesh

    Facebook Blogging Groups Helps You A Lot In being updated with the new Blogging technique’s and strategies .
    I am already a member of bloggers funda and HBB And proud to be an member too .
    Will join the other groups.they seems to be awesome

    • Umesh Singh

      Hi Aditya,

      I hardly found a bloggers who haven’t been heard about HBB and Blogers Funda. After all these are amazing groups.

      But I guess, you should check out others, it’s always better to be the part of the community who active and concern about qualities.


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