How to Do Blog Commenting for Traffic and SEO Ranking

A site full of visitors is the dream of the most of the bloggers, isn’t it?

And to make this dream come true, we need to do the home work. There are some white hat practices that affect your Authority in front of the eyes of search engines in order to get the organic traffic you dream of, these  practices include but not limited to:

Blog commenting, guest posting, and outreaching (especially if you have great assets).

In this post, we will discuss how to do the blog commenting for traffic and SEO benefits, as I believe that all should start there, to make the rest of your task a piece of cake.

First I want to ask you single question, why do you do blog commenting? I know most of you will say for SEO and traffic, as it appears here in the title of this post, but if you are thinking of it as an overnight process, I’m telling you here that blog comments is not the way to get instant traffic.

However, bloggers you comment on their blogs could come to click on your link to check who you are, but absolutely, this is not the traffic you are seeking.

Even if you will say that you are commenting for an SEO benefit, be aware that the link you will get is a Nofollow link that hardly push the SERPs. Yes, comments on high authority sites could work, but they can’t work as a standalone strategy.

Haven’t you ask yourself this question: Why there are big names comment on sites that have Disqus commenting system?

It doesn’t give any link to your website!!

Of course these big names have no time to waste and they believe that they are not wasting any second of their busy schedule.

Their purpose of commenting is much bigger than instant single visit or a Nofollow backlink.

It is building the relationship (friendship) that last.

Building the relationship is a short-term goal – that when achieved will be followed with your long-term goals.

Benefits of  Blog Commenting for Traffic and SEO Ranking

Here are some of benefits that will be gained by the blog commenting if you have done it in a proper manner:

1-You Will Get Quick Visits:

If you attracted the blogger and the audience with your comment, you will get the blogger visit and some of his audience will visit your site too. Not that much of traffic, but at least you will know if you are on the right direction or not.

 2-You Will Have Comments on Your Blog Posts:

Most of the bloggers do reciprocate, even the influencers do. Imagine the feeling when your fans see those comments on your blog, that will be great addition to your online reputation and authority as well, and more people will tend to leave comments. Awesome! Isn’t it?

Here is a comment done on my post “How I Gained 500 Social Shares Overnight!” by Donna Merrill of Donna Merrill Tribe. Actually I’m following her blog and comment there, she produce wonderful content there.

Donna Merrill comment

3-These Blogger Could Share Your Posts:

Yes, if you have great posts or asset, there are great chances that these bloggers will hit the shares buttons directly after they reading them. This will drive good traffic too. If these shares are done by influencers, that will be a great exposure for your posts!

Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive did that, I visited her blog, commented, and tweeted her latest post,  after some days, she gave my blog a visit, left a comment and tweeted the post on Twitter to her 14.4k followers. Thanks Lisa for the kind share!

Lisa tweet

4-Getting Higher Outreaching Conversion Rate:

If you already have built a good relationship with the blogger, it will be easier to contact them with your published great assets, and their conversion rate will be so high.

To read a great case study on how blog commenting can impact your outreaching, here is a great one done by, Ahfaz Ahmed:

How to Hack Blogger Outreach Using the BFF Commenter Technique

5- Higher Engagement Rate on the Social Media Channels:

You could have been suffering from those silent guys on your friendship list, stay assured that these bloggers you will build relationships with  are different, most of them are good social media users, and know that value of being so. So they will engage positively with your posts 🙂

Now we all know how the comments could impact our online performance, but of course not any comment can get these benefits.

Just put yourself in the position of the blog owner.

If there is a visitor keep spamming you with generic responses like “Great post”, “Nice”, “Keep it up”, “Indeed!”,  etc. Would you be happy of that? Of you won’t! Even if you responded to such a comment, that comment will not motivate you to check the commenter site seriously, or even to go and reciprocate.  No relation will be built or maintained that way. Your comment should add value to the post as well to get the most of it.

How to Leave a Great Comment That Work?

Here are some tips to help you leave great comments:

Read the Whole Post:

This is one of the most important things you should ensure doing when you leave a comment.

Bloggers like those who take their posts seriously, your comment should reflect that. Reading only some paragraphs  to run to the comment box could cause serious mistakes and ruin your online presence as well.

Sherman Smith has read all seo quotes of my latest roundup and left the takeaway of that post:

Sherman comment

Leave Your Real Name in the Name Box:

Bloggers want to build relationship with real people, using your brand name or your keywords will look odd, and damage the relationship.

Those who use their keywords in the name box are simply revealing that they don’t care with the relationship and care only with your Nofollow link.

Pay the Blogger a Complement:

The blogger paid a lot of time and effort to get that piece published, and there is nothing better than getting a quick reward, quick positive feedback will greatly work! This will be appreciated by the blogger.

Don’t overly do it, be honest, find something worth in the piece and give your wonderful words.

Doug Cunnington’s comment was one of these comments that gave me a real push to continue writing actionable posts. Thanks, Doug!

Doug comment

Let Your Experience Talk:

If you have experienced the topic that the blogger wrote on, enrich the piece with your inputs, you can mention some related stats, real-life example you saw, or personal experience you had, that will be mostly welcomed.

Ask a Related Insightful Question:

If you have any question regarding what the bloggers said, or noticed that the blogger forgot to talk about some particulars that you need to know about, that is a golden chance to ask, blogger love to answer the questions of their commenters, as it will add to the content value, and as these questions and answers will be indexed by search engines too 🙂

I still remember the comment of my friend Nikolay Stoyanov, when he asked me a question in his first comment on my post on the Latent Semantic Indexing keywords:

Nikolay comment

Find Great Bloggers in Your Niche:

Finding great bloggers in your niche will make it possible to apply the tips mentioned above, they needn’t to be top niche players, but they should be bloggers who deliver quality content related to your area of expertise, as you should get value too by reading their content, right?

This way you will guarantee not getting bored, and doing it on a regular schedule.

Your Turn

As mentioned above in the post, you should always bear in mind that the main purpose of your comments should be building or maintaining the relationship, not anything else. This way we can achieve our mid-term and long-term goals.

Personally, I approve all the comments except the ones of those spammers. I do reciprocate too. If I forgot to do so, just send me and contact me via the Contact us page and I will be happy to visit your blog and return the favor J

It is your turn now, if you see that I have missed any tip to do the blog commenting for traffic and SEO benefits, just drop you valuable lines in the comment box.

Hussain Omar has built his expertise as a knowledgeable and experienced SEO strategist, he’s the founder of Hustaw SEO, and the guy behind this blog. An addict to anything related to SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Blogging.


  • Hi Hussain,
    Yet another informative piece.
    Well composed one.
    This is one of my favorite subjects.
    Yes, I could very well relate most of the things mentioned in this post.
    Yes, our comments, (note that well written one not the one line or generic comments) can make lot of benefits along with it. I have posted an article recently on my page in this regard under the title: “Power of Blog Comments…”
    Yes, it has got great power to do many things! Of course, if we present a thought provoking constructive comment on others pages.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.
    Keep sharing.
    Best Regards
    P V Ariel recently posted…Make Money Online Through Spread BettingMy Profile

    • Hi Philip,

      It is great to see the King of Comments here!
      You are the real master of it as you started commenting even without even having a blog, only few do that.

      I can obviously see that your purpose was to add value and exchange ideas, and we all saw its results in the relationships you have built.

      Thanks for your supportive words!


  • Nicely done Hussain. I can learn from this,information. Commenting does something as my Alexa ranks improve alot when I do PAC consistantly. I also noted that posting consistantly with good SEO helps too. No expert here….love linking to authority blogs as I see it in Google on first page for a long time…at least in the past, I did.
    Paula recently posted…Steel Gray Clouds and Choppy Gray WatersMy Profile

    • Thanks Paula! Commenting won’t work if you are not doing the other practices, when you comment on others posts, and they come to your site, they should see new posts 🙂 This is why updating your blog on regular basis counts.

      Thanks for visiting!


  • Hi Hussain,
    amazing Post, It was more like a tutorial and I liked it for sure.
    So, Thanks for sharing. have a great day.

    • Hi Robin,
      Glad you liked the post, yes the purpose is to show my readers how these big names are doing it.
      Thanks for the visit and the nice comment.


  • Hello Hussain brother,
    Bro, This is Reality About Blog Post: Thank’s For This Amazing Article, High Authority Website, Is Best 🙂

    Keep Up The Good Work, I like Your Blog,

    have a Lovely Night 🙂
    Muhammad Tabish recently posted…Rock Social Media Done in 30 Minutes a Day [INFOGRAPHIC]My Profile

    • Hello Muhammad,
      Actually I don’t tend to select sites depending on their metrics, all great bloggers started with low Domain Authority , and these numbers change in a two months. We just need to focus on the quality of the sites and their relevancy.

      Thanks for dropping by to comment, Muhammad!


  • Hi Bro,

    Great post about blog commenting. It is one of best and effective ways to get links form authority sites.

    You have shown every details that any person should know about the blog commenting.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome piece of content.

    – Umesh Singh

    • Hi Umesh,
      Thanks for your nice comment!
      Your comments here is a great feedback I get from such great friends!
      I’m lucky to have a wonderful community like you!

  • Hi, Hussan!

    Well. I’d admit that blog commenting is the most favorite marketing strategy I used since started the new blog.

    Comment others’ blogs gave you lots of the opportunities to interact with other bloggers and build relationship.

    That leads you to be able to get on the list of expert roundup or guest post on the bloggers’ blogs. Thanks for sharing…
    Kimsea Sok recently posted…Why Your House Can Be More Than Just Your HomeMy Profile

    • Hi Kimsea,
      Blog commenting is the key to find like-minded people in the field, which will open the horizon for you, these people who share you the same interests will inspire you and make the whole journey joyful. Roundup posts, guest posts, and much more. You will rock the web together!

      Thanks a lot for stopping by!


  • Hi, Hussain, I am Glad to read your article. Your blog post realy helped me to understand what is Blog Commenting and how these comments will contribute in generating more backlinks. Thanks for giving a very helpful post but I have doubt, how many Blog Comments we should make in a week?
    Saurabh tiwari recently posted…Tips to Prevent Pen Drive Data CorruptionMy Profile

    • Hi Saurabh,
      I’m so glad to know that my post helped you!
      For the number of comments you need, actually there is no exact number, just build friendships as much as possible and stay close to them. These relationships will finally pay off.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting, my friend!


  • Hi Hussain ,
    you always write good and beneficial content and everybody can learn something.
    I think commenting is very beneficial for every blogger and business. You give good tips here.
    In my opinion, it is not only good for getting more traffic , it is also a feedback which let you know the value of your content for people and this makes more ambitious to keep writing great content . It is a giving and receiving ,the more we give ,the more we can receive 🙂
    Thank you for a good work

    • Hi Erika,
      Thanks for your nice words of support! Really appreciated!
      Indeed, comments benefit the blogger and his/her business, as you said we all need feedback whether bloggers and feedback, and only those who care with you and your business will give their honest feedback, that is one thing which make the relationship very strong.

      Thanks for dropping by to comment, Erika!


  • Hi Hussain,

    I always say that blog commenting is the backbone of our blogs. We build relationships with others, as well as even doing business with each other.

    When we comment for the sake of blogging we can go a long way. One thing that may happen is someone sees your comment, likes it and then jumps over to your blog to get to know you. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met that have done this.

    Doing business by building relationships is fantastic…it doesn’t get better than that.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…3 Crazy Simple Ways To Become A Successful Blogger | Interview With Marquita HeraldMy Profile

    • Hi Donna,

      Indeed, relationships should start there, with the comment.

      With our comments we are revealing many things, our thoughts, qualifications and interests. We will have a lot of common things with other bloggers, that make it easier to build the relationship, and as I always say, it is also part of the one online reputation.

      The business part follows also, as the most important part in the online business is the Trust, which is already there between friends.

      Thanks for your great comment, Donna!

    • Very Neatly Written. One must Enable Comments On Our Blog Because It Helps In Google Rankings. This Works Same As Facebook Posts: Someone Comments On Your Facebook Post, Your Post Goes Up In News Feeds.
      Thanks Hussain
      Abhishek recently posted…UPRVUNL Technician Grade 2 Answer Key 2016 Junior Engineer Key Sheet http://www.uprvunl.orgMy Profile

  • Hi Hussain,
    Great article on commenting for traffic or seo. I liked the part about …
    Bloggers who deliver quality content. I would say PAC bloggers do this well. I particularly like commenting on content related to my area of expertise but I also get great value reading their content too.
    Very good information in your article.
    Kathryn Maclean recently posted…Having A MentorMy Profile

    • Hi Kathryn,
      Thanks for your nice words!
      Definitely, we should mingle with those bloggers that we want to establish long-term relationship, to exchange ideas and inspire each others, so we should pick them carefully. I would say too that PAC bloggers have their own formula to do it, I personally learned a lot of things from them.
      Thanks again for stopping by, Kathryn!


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