10 Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog Efficiently

10 Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog Efficiently

The blogging is the recent trend that the people involve very effectively to showcase their skills, views, thoughts and passion to this universe. Some indulge for earning money by monetizing their blog content for attaining a good source of Income Stream. It is a best practice to monetize the blog for getting the reward back in the form of real cash as the people spend their precious moment. Here, the below list shows you how people earn money by monetizing their blog. The 10 best ways to monetize your blog efficiently would be showcased below.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertisement service program that helps the weblog and website publishers earn money with their source by placing the advertisement through AdSense Program. It is the highly paid PPC – Paid To Click advertisement program that makes people earn huge.

You should have a decent blog with proper content, good traffic, no violent or controversial niches and must comply with the Google AdSense policy to continue this program. It is very easy to integrate the AdSense code into your optimized theme with the Plugins instantly. The advertisement would be tailored to the visitor’s interest perfectly.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the method of marketing other’s product and sells them on a commission basis. You could earn via affiliate marketing with the help of your blog very easily. There are several Marketplace available over the internet for promoting the others product through blogging. Some of the famous Affiliate Marketplaces are Clickbank, Commission Junction, JvZoo, Shareasale, etc.

The blog owners are able to insert the link into their blog post, display an affiliate banner, recommending the product to the blog visitors and so on to sell the product in a genuine way. Thus after a successful sale of any affiliate product, the blog owner would get the commission for the sold item through his/her blog.

Sponsored Post

The sponsored post is the one which is seen as one of the methods to monetize the blog perfectly. The sponsors from various location could contact you for featuring his/her product and services in your blog. They provide money for doing this sort of promotional post on your blog. To get the sponsored post, you should have a Contact Page in your Blog.

You could also get many sponsored post via facebook where the sponsors request for featuring their product in the form of a blog post in some of the famous Facebook Groups. It is strongly recommended to accept genuine and quality sponsor post to avoid running your blog with bad factors.

Selling the Ad Space

The selling of Advertisement Space is one of the best ways to monetize your blog for quick cash. You should create a banner that shows the readers and your blog visitors about the selling of the blog space. Once a potential person views this ad space banner or widget, he/she would contact you directly for hosting the advertisement campaign.

Thus, you should sign an agreement about the time of advertisement to be displayed on your blog and all other important terms including the Cost of hosting them.

URL Shortening

The URL Shortening method is also a fabulous way of monetizing any existing blog instantly. This would not make anyone rich overnight but it could provide you the stable income on the weblog that has good blog traffic. The blog that has several outbound links pointing to the other websites pages would be suitable for earning some pretty cash. It is very simple for installing the URL Shortening script from various short link portals on your blog.

The earning depends upon the number of visitors and the type of visitors based on Country/Interests. It would probably make the visitors wait for 5 seconds or view any advertisement for very short period. Some of the highly paying URL Shortening website programs are Adfly, Linksbucks, shorte.st, linkshrink.net, cut-urls, etc.

Membership sites

The setting up of membership weblog is the damn easy way of earning a decent amount via blogging. The membership site would be the one which allows the Premium Members for accessing the Premium contents and Premium stuff exclusively. For getting membership account one should pay the blog owner for accessing the exclusive contents. Thus, with the help of membership weblogs, the blog owner could earn pretty amount for sure.

Product Review

The reviewing of any good product on your blog would be one of the best methods of earning in a perfect manner. The reviewing of the product in a blog post would make the future buyers get a clear idea about the particular product. The blog owners could request a demo copy of the product that he/she likes to promote on their blog.

This would help the blog owners accumulate more freebies (Demo Copy) and also earn huge cash with the exclusive affiliate link provided by the vendor. The people have the tendency to read the reviews from the existing buyers before buying them, and this method would be one of the best ways of monetizing the blog as well.

Sell Own Products

Selling your Own product would be a good way of monetizing your blog visitors indeed. This would cut off the commission basis and other difficulties seen as in the affiliate marketing. The selling of your own product such as physical/digital product would be a fantastic way to promote for instant cash.


Conducting webinar on your blog would help build the targeted Mailing List and eventually lead to the sale of the targeted product. The product that you own or have an idea to promote would be well presented in the form of webinars. A webinar is nothing but a Seminar conducted over the internet for reaching the target audience. People love to view the webinar and this is the latest trend of marketing any product over the internet. Announcing the Webinar event on your blog would definitely gain quick cash and increase the Mail List Subscribers as well.

People love to view the webinar and this is the latest trend of marketing any product over the internet. Announcing the Webinar event on your blog would definitely gain quick cash and increase the Mail List Subscribers as well.

Sell Services

Selling the services such as providing a Paid Backlinks, Listing the products/services on your blog, write content for others, sending traffic to the destination page and more other services related to your niche would be a good way of monetizing your blog.


Thus, you could understand about the 10 best ways to monetize your blog from the above list. The monetization of a blog should never disturb or degrade the blog performance in any case. So, monetizing in a genuine way would help your blog grow to the maximum extent. There are also several monetizing methods available over the internet for your blog which would help you increase the monetizing potential for sure.

Sathish Arumugam

About the Author: 

Sathish Arumugam is an Entrepreneur, Website Designer, Professional Niche Blogger and Digital Marketer. 



  • Hi Hussain,

    Good to see Sathish here with a good piece. Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored posts and selling own products are really working well for me and Affiliate marketing is king for many bloggers. The secret is driving targeted traffic, which is where the heartburn is.

    Thanks to you both. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead

  • Hello, Sathish!

    Great seeing you on Hussain’s place! 🙂

    Well, I used to use my blog to sell my service (content writing) a year ago for a month or two.

    It gave me best result when I was in so many doubts if I could be able to score some work or not.

    Now, I am again going to jump into the content writing thing and hope that it will do good just as before! 🙂

    So, thanks for that!

    ~ Adeel

  • Hi Hussain,
    Affiliate marketing is totally a new concept for me but after reading your article its quite clear that how we can publish ads on other websites on our own blog and earn money with affiliate marketing. Need some more updates on those and will read your future posts too. Once again thanks.

    Jeevan shetty

  • Hi, thanks for sharing this great info. I’m monitizing my blog through Google adsense and some affiliate partners. I’m going to try other atuff soon. Cheers!

  • There are many ways to earn through blog. But adsense and affiliate Marketing are the best way to earn through blog.
    Few days I am starting to write a book and now it will coming out soon, After that I will try “Sell own Product” concept soon. Then after see the result what happen; it works or not..?
    Thank you for covering almost all methods to monetize blog.. 🙂

  • Tyler Banks

    Hi Hussain,
    You are so interesting! I do not believe I’ve truly read anything like this before. So good to discover somebody with a few unique thoughts on this subject matter. Really.. thank you for starting this up. I’m a RevGlue affiliate now! This site is one thing that is required on the internet, someone with a little originality!
    Thanks again X

  • Hi Hussian,
    I have been using three ways to monetize my that you have mentioned to Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and sponsored post.
    But I am also thinking of trying other things.
    Thanks for the great share.
    Have a good week ahead.

  • Sathish, you shared good points. While implementing all above points, one must be very careful. Suppose you have shared of point of advertising. Now advertise must not occupy a lot of space on page. Advertisement looks good if it is at end of the page. There are also many other points. Basically, what we need is to keep our visitors stay on our page a long time. So, they may looking for our different posts or may visit advertisement visit through our website after being inspired with our content. thanks. What do you think, am i right?

  • All the ways are described well in brief. Thanks for providing all the ways in a short article.

  • Amir Najam Sethit

    Thank you for sharing informatic post. I am a content writer and i have no idea about how to ear money different ways. Thank you sharing your blog.

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