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11 Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers in 2020 | Buyers’ Guide

Being a gamer, blogger, or video editor, you spend a lot of time on your laptop or computer, if you don’t feel comfortable, the results will not be pleasant. Apart from comfort, buying the best gaming chairs with speakers can significantly increase the quality of the gaming experience, and productivity, for non-gaming purposes.

However, with the extra feature you get a reason to worry. You need to be sure that speaker delivers quality sound.  Moreover, you can choose between wired and wireless connections.

The good news for you is that you do not need big amount of cash to buy a good quality gamming chair with speakers. As a matter of fact, the numbers of products in the market has continued to grow exponentially.  This can result in confusion for the buyers.

If you want to buy the best gaming chair with speakers you need to assure that they are durable, comfortable and deliver solid performance.  Plugging your ears with headphones can significantly impact your hearing in a negative manner. High-quality gaming chairs with speakers can help you solve this problem without compromising your audio quality.

Out of the majority of people who play video games only serious gamers realize that every part of gaming is significant. Gaming chairs provide you with a strong base for your activity while sitting. Getting the right gaming chair is equally as important as getting the right console to play with. In this post we will talk about the best gaming chairs with that have incredible features that make them exceptional.

Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers in 2020

Fully Assembled Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair (Best Gaming Chair with speakers)

Fully Assembled Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage ChairThe Fully Assembled Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair is one of the best gaming chairs with speakers and is designed to deliver a relaxing massage experience. You can customize your massage experience by using the three preset auto massage programs and five massage modes – kneading, tapping, knocking, air pressure and shiatsu.

This chair is designed according to your needs and with its sleek and modern look it is just perfect for your living room, office and home theater. It comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker which lets you listen to the music while using your phone in the armrest’s phone slot. This chair is made with sturdy and high-quality steel and is able to support 200 lbs.

It contains PU leather upholstery due to which it can resist wear and tear for years to come. Moreover, every chair is 100% tested so you can just open the box and enjoy.


  • Great for price
  • User friendly
  • Customized Massage experience


  • Average back cushioning

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BraZen 18059 Panther Elite 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair with Speakers- BraZen 18059 Panther Elite 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming ChairThe BraZen 18059 Panther Elite Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair is a British designed gaming chair and is big on performance and stature. This chair is comfortable to sit on and looks very stylish. It consists of tow quality speakers and a subwoofer which provides fabulous audio surround sound output.

This chair is compatible via Bluetooth and hard wired with almost any audio device, including variants of Xbox, Play station and Nintendo.  It also contains separately controlled vibration motors to give you a great experience. Not to mention this good looking chair comes with manufacturer’s warranty and exceptional after sales service.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Brilliant sound and vibration


  • Pretty expensive

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Modern-Depo Massage Video Gaming Recliner Chair

Modern-Depo Massage Video Gaming Recliner Chair - Best gaming chair with speakersThis gaming chair consists of 2 massage spots on lumbar that helps to relax your waist muscles and body. You can also customize your massage with this gaming chair as it contains 6 massage modules and adjustable massage positions. It has a Bluetooth speaker design, 2 hours charging time, 4 hours playing time and SNR 60db to give you the best audio experience.

This reclining chair is very comfortable for relaxing in your office.  It also consists of a side pouch which can be used to store your handy stuffs like notebooks and phone. The cup holders at both sides can be used to place your drinks when required. You can adjust this gaming chair from 90-140 degrees to give you the most suitable angle.

Not to mention the 360 degrees rotating design of this chair lets you change the chair direction freely. The covered PU leather and construction from strong iron frame provides durability for long-term use.


  • Provides massage lumbar support
  • Removable headrest
  • 360 degrees rotation


  • Expensive

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X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather Vibrating Floor Video Gaming ChairThe X Rocker Pro Series Black Leather gaming chair is leather lounging game chair which can be used for watching movies, playing video games, listening to music, relaxing and reading. It incorporates four forward facing speakers, ported power subwoofers and audio force modulation technology to give you full immersion in your movie, game or music.

This chair consists of additional vibration motors that can be synced with your audio’s bass tones to deliver powerful full-body sensation besides keeping you entertained and comfortable for hours.

This gaming chair is compatible with almost every gaming platform including PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, MP3s, DVDs and Xbox. It has the capacity to bear 275 lbs. This gaming chair can be connected with multiple chairs as its control panel comes with separate bass and volume controls and input and output jacks.


  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Connects with multiple chairs


  • Needs extra pieces for PS4 compatibility

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X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming ChairThe X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair is an all purpose pedestal gaming chair. I can be used for playing video games, watching TV and movies, listening to music and relaxing.  It consists of wireless audio transmission, 2 speakers near the headset and subwoofer to pound your back to provide an immersive media experience.

This chair has plug-in headphones and you can also adjust the volume control and bass on the side jack.  Not to mention, this gaming chair is highly compatible with gaming platforms like Gameboy, MP3/CD/DVD, PlayStation and X Box.

This chair contains control panels with separate volume and bass controls along with input and output jacks for connecting to the audio source due to which it can be connected with multiple chairs.


  • Heavy duty upholstery
  • Superb compatibility


  • Low height

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X Rocker 2.1 Sound Wireless Bluetooth 4 Speaker Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker 2.1 Sound Wireless Bluetooth 4 Speaker Video Gaming ChairWith stylish breathable fabric seat and back, swivel pedestal and high back tilt the X Rocker 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth 4 Speaker Video Gaming Chair is one of the best gaming chairs with speakers.  It can be used to play video games, listen to music, read and relax and watch movies. It features wireless audio transmission, 4 “subwoofer and 2 speakers near the headset to give an exceptional wireless media experience.

This chair has a control panel with separate bass and volume controls, input and outer jacks due to which it can be connected with multiple chairs. The breathable mesh of this chair provides a perfect surface for your intense sessions of gaming. It has suede outer which cleans easily with a damp cloth.

The ergonomic design of this chair provides neck and back support. The smooth chamfered seat and the armrests of this gaming chair reduce fatigue and stress on lower back area.  Not to mention, this chair has exceptional compatibility as it can be paired easily with smart devices, CD, TV, Blu-ray, MP3 players and most gaming devices and systems. It can bear 275 lbs of weight.


  • Fits adults and kids alike
  • Very comfortable
  • Compatible with phones and tablets


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Dull color

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X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 Sound Wireless Video Foldable Gaming Chair

X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 Sound Wireless Video Foldable Gaming ChairThis gaming chair is also a perfect all purpose and best gaming chair with speakers. It features high back tilt & swivel, stylish breathable fabric seat and back and can be used to play video games, listen to music, relax and read. It has 2 speakers near the headrest and a 4” subwoofer in the outer part of the backrest to give you high-intensity gaming experience.  This chair can be connected to multiple chairs as it features a control panel with separate bass and volume controls and input and output jacks for connecting to the audio source.

It has a microfiber faux suede stylish outdoor which can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.  In addition, the breathable mesh of this gaming chair provides a perfect surface for intense gaming sessions.

The ergonomic design of this chair provides a perfect support for your back and neck besides reducing the fatigue and stress on the lower back. This chair is highly compatible with smart devices, TV, DVD, Blu-ray and MP3 players.


  • Very comfortable
  • Delivers great sound
  • Good compatibility


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Cheaply made

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VON Racer Rocking Video Gaming Chair

VON Racer Rocking Video Gaming ChairThe Von Racer Rocking Video Gaming Chair provides you a perfect gaming platform to level up your gaming experience. It has been designed with a console gamer in mind and provides support ranging from casual to extreme gaming sessions.

It features built-in Bluetooth capability and is perfectly designed for playing video games, listen to music and watch movies. This chair has been designed with comfort in mind. It contains a 360 degrees round metal base with a swivel function with the seat at an easy angle.

The padded armrests add extra comfort and can be flipped out of the way when required.


  • Comfortable with perfect angle
  • Easy to set-up
  • Great sound system


  • Bulky and heavy

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GTRACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth SpeakersThe GTRACING gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs with speakers and there are very few gaming chairs that can compete with the Bluetooth connectivity of this gaming chair.  This superb gaming chair contains 2 Bluetooth speakers with surround sound which gives solid bass with detailed stereo sound.

You can connect your smart phones or tablets to your chair with the Bluetooth connection. Not to mention, you can also connect other gaming consoles to get the enthralling cinema-like experience. This gaming chair provides the perfect blend of durability and comfort due to its high backrest and lumbar support and a solid metal frame.


  • Compatible with any Bluetooth device
  • Adjustable height and armrest
  • Metal frame for durability


  • No vibration features
  • Limited number of speakers

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Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

Goplus Massage Gaming ChairThe Goplus Massage Gaming Chair is equipped with motors in lumbar cushion which helps you to loosen muscles. The ergonomic design of this chair offers spacious and comfortable seat and prevents backache from long hours sitting. In addition, the lumbar cushion and detachable head cushion give you extra support to help you sit easily.

The head cushion, lumbar cushion and the backrest are filled with different materials to perform different functions. It also has an adjustable backrest where you can change your angle from 90 degrees to 180 degrees allowing you to sit or lie freely. The steel structure of the chair provides great support for load bearing.


  • Very comfortable
  • Contains smooth and nice material


  • Handrails all over the chair

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X Rocker V Rocker SE Black Foam Floor Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker V Rocker SE Black Foam Floor Video Gaming ChairThe X Rocker V Rocker SE Black Foam Floor Video Gaming Chair is also an all purpose gaming chair. It can be used to play video games, watch movies, and listen to music, relaxing and reading. It consists of a wireless audio transmission, two speakers near the headrest to provide you high-intensity gaming experience.

It also has full motion rocking, breathable foam mesh material, and an over-sized design to give extra comfort. This chair is compatible with all the popular gaming platforms including PlayStation, Gameboy, MP3/CD/DVD and X Box.


  • Great sound quality
  • Very comfortable


  • Heavy and bulky

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Key Features to Look for When Picking  the Best Gaming Chair with Speakers?

The fact is that when you spend hours sitting down and playing your favorite game you do not want to be uncomfortable. The solution to this problem is the gaming chair. An ideal gaming chair is capable of supporting your body while you play before reaching your goal.  On the other hand, a bad gaming chair that cannot support your back, rear and legs will give you pains and aches that would not go away.  Moreover, this pain can turn into long-term chronic pain when you become old.

We can say that what you sit matters a lot. It does make sense to invest money on sitting as this is related to your back and health. A good gaming chair as compared to a regular chair is a special computer chair that is not only more comfortable but also more versatile. A gaming chair with a good built may have sturdy recline system, stable metal structure and built-in gizmos like integrated speakers, Bluetooth and control panels.

As a matter of fact, perfect gaming chairs are designed with the idea to be a healthy office. A good gaming chair is able to provide adequate neck and lumbar support and ensures that there is no joint and muscle strain after sitting for long hours.  These gaming chairs help the gamers to sit comfortably for hours and concentrate more as they play and work. Here we will talk about the key factors to look for while buying gaming chairs:

Comfort and Ergonomics

There are plenty of gaming chairs in the market which provide all sorts of accessories like built-in cup holders, holsters and speakers but a majority of them do not give the basic ergonomic needs. Just like a lot of seats in sports car may provide comfort but they are immobile.

Due to this it is very important to know the needs of your body before making any decision. Whether you are a console or desktop player there are many things a gaming chair must have to stop you from developing health issues. If you have a good gaming chair you can avoid the world of physical therapists and chiropractors.

We also need to acknowledge the fact, that there is a good amount of data that shows us the connection between sitting and health.   Therefore, it becomes very important that gaming chairs should have ergonomic designs to protect necks, wrists, backs, shoulders and provide healthy posture from sitting for long hours. Some other important features to look for while choosing a gaming chair are

  • Locking and tilting features for customized position for sitting
  • Soft armrest to add support for both shoulders and wrists
  • A comfortable bucket seat to provide comfort through gaming for hours
  • Thick cushions with high-density memory foam to relieve stress from muscles and joints besides improving circulation
  • The sponge in the backrest gives extra molding and comfort to your back
  • Head pillows for resting your head while you play
  • Additional padding for lumbar and neck support which takes pressure from the lumbar and neck area

Purpose Built

Before you make a purchase, you need to be sure that you select a chair designed especially for what you want to do while sitting. As far as casual console gamers are concerned you can use whatever you have with you. Sofa seating is usually the ideal choice for casual gaming but it can cause back and neck strain.

If you are playing games on a PC you should get a chair with adjustable height, castors, lumbar support and armrests. Ideally the gaming chairs should encourage the maximum movement to fight the effects of sedentary lifestyle.

If you are using accessories like a steering wheel or joystick you might need some additional flexibility and movement in your chair. A console gamer would ideally need a chair that can sit on the floor as they play on TVs rather than monitors.

Best gaming chair with speakers


Gaming chairs are meant to be used over a long period of time. This simply means that your gaming chair should be able to provide you a good experience for years to come. The fact of the matter is that you get what you pay for.

The price of a gaming chair would give you a fair idea about its comfort and quality.  Also you should keep in mind that the best gaming chairs do not have to be expensive.

If you are looking to buy a mid-range chair you should get one in the price range of $100 to $200. If you are on a tight budget then from this price range you can get the best of the gaming chairs. Not to mention, these gaming chairs are a great compromise between durable materials, sitting comfort, quality workmanship and your budget.

However, if you are looking to get a premium gaming chair then you should be ready to spend around 300 to 400 dollars. This chair is simply perfect to give a WOW effect when you sit on it.

Or if you are looking to own a luxury gaming chair then you should be ready to spend around $1000. In this budget, you can get a higher-end chair with various adjustability options and premium-quality mesh seat.

But still we can say that you are not required to invest in the most expensive chairs. This is because you can get a quality gaming chair for about 200 dollars.  There are good numbers of lower-end options that promote decent comfort and healthy posture. The good news for you is that you need not worry if your budget is not massive and also your back and neck do not have to suffer.


Style is one of the key factors to look for while buying a gaming chair. It is true that the first thing one looks at in the gaming chair is how or what it looks like. Due to this office chairs fall behind while the traditional gaming chairs are in style.

On the other hand there are racing styles gaming chairs which are more appealing to the consumers.  Purpose-built gaming chairs are marketed especially to gamers and are even the favorite of eSports team. The majority of the gaming chairs brand in the market has hundreds of designs for you to choose from.

If you have a particular color of chair in mind then there is a fair chance that you will get exactly what you want. You can choose from racing-style gaming chairs with accent colors according to your personality and goes well with your home décor.

Black leather gaming chair is a perfect gaming chair that provides a low-key statement for private office.


The fact is that not every chair is right for every person or every office.  If you are a tall gamer you may want to go for a high-back gaming chair to ensure that you have optimum support for your entire body. A fat person will choose one with the wider back and seat. There are footrest series gaming chairs that are considered to be more comfortable besides making it easier to get up. The specifications of chairs usually list the exact measurements and ideal body weight, due to which tall and big players are able to select the perfect fit. As an example, the GTRacing model is able to bear up to 300 pounds but it comes with a recommended capacity of 220 pounds.

Moreover, when it comes to choosing the gaming chair size is a no-brainer. You chair is undoubtedly a part f your room and you should like it to fit in. If its fits nothing like that but if it does not then you need to send it back. In order to avoid such a situation, you should use a tape measurer and determine the dimensions of the space for your gaming chair.


The cover material for gaming chairs may be genuine leather, fabric cover and artificial leather. Each of these materials has its pros and cons.

Genuine leather is of high-quality, water proof, durable cover and breathable. It is also the most expensive of all.

On the other hand, artificial leather is much cheaper and comes in medium quality. It is easy to take care of. But on hot days it is uncomfortable to sit on due to sweat If you look at PU, it is not as durable as genuine leather but it is a more breathable material as compared to PVC.

PVC leather is more flexible and softer.  The best part of PVC leather is that it is fire, water and stain resistant which makes it very popular for commercial use.

Mesh covers and fabrics are very breathable and you hardly stick and sweat even on hot days.  Mesh offers better cooling than fabric. It is more difficult to clean than leather and usually requires a specialized spray to remove stains without damaging the mesh.  In spite of being less durable, Mesh is an exceptionally comfortable and cool material for gaming chairs.


Undoubtedly, durability is another key factor to consider while buying a gaming chair.  You may be super gentle to your furniture but what if you have kids and pets that aren’t? Is the chair particleboard or made or does it consist of a steel frame with durable plastics?

An ideal gaming chair should last for a while even with regular use.  A chair with superb amount of stability is very important in a chair that moves.

A gaming chair purchased for $50 might look nice on the image but after a few months the cracks can be seen.  If you are willing to spend extra it can make all the difference and can also save you money in the long run. If it is possible for you, you should look for warranties guarantee as doing so you get to know that you are getting the worth of your money. Not to mention, doing so your investment is safeguarded for the future.

If you are looking for durability for your gaming chair, you should look for the following hey features:

The base made with nylon with a star-shaped design to form a strong foundation.

Metal frames to the inside of the chair to keep the shape and offer you the required support.  The frames made with metal are much heavier than frames made with plastic.

Durable casters of your chair offer long-term use.

The seat cover is made to handle a lot without cracking or tearing.

Flexible adjustment

gaming chair adjustmentAs far as comfort is concerned it can be different for everyone and chairs are not one size fits all. Due to this it is very important to find a gaming chair that is super adjustable. This can be made possible through reclining mechanisms, height adjustments, an optional footrest and a tilt lock.

If we talk about the best console gaming chairs they come with optional recline, even if they are able to offer height adjustments.

If you are someone who spend a long time at your chair you should check if the following features are included in your gaming chair to get maximum comfort:

Adjustable seat height

Ideally you should adjust the height of the gaming chair to make a 90 degrees angle, in order to get a healthy sitting posture.  The height of your gaming chair can be adjusted due to the pneumatic gas lift.

Adjustable armrests

Adjustable armrests should come with height adjustable features along with variable angle and back and forward position. This helps you to position your arms in the required position for optimum gameplay.  These adjustable armrests are also able to promote relaxation during work or gaming.

Backrest angle tilt adjustment

The backrest angle tilt adjustment helps to reduce strain on lower back muscles and relaxes your lumbar area.  You can adjust the angle of the backrest, tilt it backward and be locked when required while gaming.

Reclining backrest

The reclining backrest feature is available in some models to up to 170 degrees. This incredible feature of your gaming chair allows you to relax between working and gaming sessions.  Not to mention, you could stretch out in between rounds without even getting up from your PC.

Wheels and swivel features

A good number of gaming chairs have wheels to help you move swiftly from one place to another without even getting up.  These wheels are also known as castors are made of hard plastic and can rotate 360 degrees and move smoothly.  With a right chair you are able to move freely as per your requirement.

Rock back and forth

The Rock and forth feature of your gaming chair help you to take a moment of rest by adjusting the knob beneath the seat. The chair is stable and has some flexibility even if you tend to rock back and forth.

Electronic features

This feature is possibly for mid-range and high-range gaming chairs just similar to the music gaming chair. Gaming chairs made for console gamers also have these electronic features made available.  These include Bluetooth capability, connectivity and speakers.

There could also be other added features not for comfort but to help the player in proper gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers

What is the cost for gaming chairs?

There is a broad answer to this question as there are some chairs that only cost low in dollars and some that are available for hundreds of dollars. The reason for such a high variation in price is due to the different features and functions offered in gaming chairs.

What ages are gaming chairs for?

There are gaming chairs that are designed for kids and there are some chairs that are made for people of all ages.

What are the benefits of gaming chair over other chairs?

The main benefit is comfort as gaming chairs are made in a way to be used for sitting for long hours. There are some gaming chairs that come with speakers in the headset.

What brand is the best for gaming chairs?

This depends on your budget and the feature of a chair you are looking for. This is because different people will have different preferences.

How many different types of gaming chairs are there?

You can choose from the racing seat, video rocker, the racing chair, the pedestal chair and the beam bag seat.  Each of these chairs have their own advantages and disadvantages over ther chairs.

Why should in buy a gaming chair?

If you are looking to improve on health and comfort you should buy a gaming chair. In addition, if you are looking for a unique design in chairs then gaming chair is for you.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right gaming chair with speakers does not have to be hard but at the same time it is also not easy. In this post we have given you the best options to give you a fair idea about gaming chairs with speakers. If you have any suggestions you are most welcome to mention in the comments section below. You may trust us as any one of these gaming chairs would make a great addition to your gaming.

However, we think that the main distinction that you have to make in your search is whether you are looking for something that is on the floor or something that is on a pedestal. In this post we have tried to answer every question and also suggested a few features that can be ignored of you are on a tight budget. You must be well aware that the number of products in the market is large but we have trimmed that list to make it easier for you to choose. With the best gaming chair with speakers you are guaranteed to get a more immersive game-play and comfort experience.

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