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Best Android TV Boxes Under $50 | The Ultimate List

These days Android apps have become very popular as they can turn any TV into a smart TV with plenty of options. Most of the best android TV boxes under $50 are in shape of a small box measuring 5 inches wide and 2 inches tall while some are even smaller.

These TV boxes are widely used to stream video content so you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on demand from popular streaming sites.

You can install different kind of apps and can do tasks like checking weather or making a document.

These Android TV apps can perform tasks which can be done by standard computers.

In this post we will talk about the best Android TV boxes under $50.

Best Android TV Boxes Under $50

  1. Dynalink Android TV Box

Dynalink, the best Android TV Box

The Dynalink Android TV Box is the latest version of Android TV 10 and it is perfect for home entertainment, business use and home theatre.

This best Android TV box under $50 lets you access tons of content. You can access to 3000+ channels and apps. The you will enjoy movies and TV episodes from Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, HBO Max and more.

This Android TV box supports 4k ultra-HD resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) which gives you exceptional clarity and smoothness.

Furthermore, it comes with built-in Google Assistant and in-apps voice search which lets you search photos, set an alarm, and check the weather.

In addition, with the built-in Chrome cast in this Android TV box you can easily cast your favorite music and movies.

Not to mention, this amazing Android TV box is very simple set up and use where you can just plug-in the power adapter and connect the Android Box to Wi-Fi. Then, you can watch whatever you like.


  • Powerful Wi-Fi chip
  • can side load apps
  • Netflix and Amazon Prime video supported.


  • Cannot expand internal storage
  • No USB ports.

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  1. Transpeed TV Box Android – Best Android TV Box Under $50

Transpeed TV Box Android

The Tran speed TV Android features 10.0 OS, all winners H616 Quad Core 64 Bits Quad-core Cortex –A53 CPU with Mali –T720 GPU. Which will ensure the smooth and stable running of the box by which you can load pictures, movies and games.

It’s best part is that there is no buffer and you need not wait for downloads.

Another thing I can value here is the presence of Android 10.0 improves the performance and usability with stable interface.

This Android TV box comes with 4GB/32GB high-speed flash memory with extended capacity which provides you more space to download.

Transpeed TV Box’s best part is that you can also expand the memory according to your needs via extra 1TB HDD, 64GB TF card.

This Android TV box has two USB ports and you can connect with your keyboard and mouse to operate in a more convenient manner.


  • Similar to Android TV
  • You can watch free movies
  • Browse the web on your TV


  • Android TV boxes are generally slower
  • Firmware updates are not updated regularly.

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  1. Magcubic Android TV Box

Magcubic Android TV Box

The Magcubic Android TV Box is the newest Android 10.0 OS hat has been updated from Android 8.1.

This Android TV box has  a more faster and efficient Android 10.0 OS which gives it better compatibility of software, better applications and games and above all a better user-friendly interface.

It has a 4 GB RAM+ 32 GB ROM which supports extra hard drive and TF card to download movies of your choice.

If you are looking for a cheap and best Android TV box under $50, then this device is undoubtedly the best for you.

Magcubic device has 8k+3d/ HD resolution which provides better optimization for 8k playback with an exceptional G31 MP2 GPU.

The processor of this Android TV box delivers amazing processing power which delivers the smooth and best content interface experience.

This also ensures that you get the best viewing experience irrespective of what you watch.

This device is connected through an HDMI cable and two USB port and you can also connect with your mouse and keyboard to make it easier for you to operate.

The presences of infrared remote control ensure that you enjoy your wonderful life which this wireless device brings to you.


  • Easy to use
  • Great picture quality


  • Average streaming

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  1. X88Pro Android TV Box

X88Pro Android TV Box

The X88Pro Android TV is equipped with H616 Quad-Core Cortex- A53 CPU which makes the usage of this device more smoothly for you.

The Android 10.0 OS   of this device is compatible with most of the Android apps due to which you can use it to enjoy pictures, play games and watch movies.

This device also has a more stable operation and better interface which provide better user experience.

The X88Pro Android TV Box has 4GB RAM which gives you smoother experience and avoids crashes caused due to less memory.

There is no freezing and buffering which avoids any type of crashes while launching the applications.

The 32 GB ROM of this Android TV box gives you more storage space which lets you download your movies and apps and you need not worry of running out of space.

This device has dual Wi-Fi which allows you to select the related Wi-Fi channel as per your requirements.

X88Pro gives you faster transmission rate and better stable network experience.

This device also supports 10/100M Ethernet LAN and two type of network connection can fulfill your daily need of internet and ensures you get better quality  while playing games, watching movies, running apps  and browsing the web.

This Android TV box has professional H2.65 decoding technology and can also support various decoding formats which gives you excellent HD video and amazing picture quality.

It has Bluetooth 5.0 which supports much type of external devices.

The built-in Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to connect wireless mini keyboard, PC, speaker and mobile phone more easily and you can also get long-distance operation which can be operated easily.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Easy to use
  • Good interface


  • No smart home integrations
  • No voice control

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  1. X88Pro10 Android TV Box

X88Pro10 Android TV Box

The X88Pro10 Android TV box is equipped with the latest Android 11.0 system and has a better compatibility of games, applications, software and better user-experience.

The Android box 11.0 is powered with RK3318 Quad core cortex – A53 CPU which gives better image processing and consumes less power.

In addition, it also provides professional image algorithm and ultra-fast running speed.

This device has 4 GB RAM which is the largest running memory in Android TV boxes which ensure to deliver high performance and better stable operation system.

It supports smoothly movies without any type of freezing and buffering and there are no crashes.

You can also expand the memory to 32 GB via extra Micro SD card which gives you ample space for your entertainment.


  • Easy to use
  • Good picture quality


  • Does not run Netflix or CBS apps.

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  1. T95 Android TV Box

T95 Android TV Box

The T95 is a great selection as one of the best Android TV Boxes under $50, it is equipped with newest Android 10.0 OS and all- winner H16 chipset which provide better compatibility of software, applications and games and a better user experience.

This device has dual Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz which offers a more stable Wi-Fi signal and convenient connection which lets you enjoy a better-quality video experience.

The latest T95 android TV box supports decoding and can play all popular audio and video formats.

Also you can enjoy 6K ultimate HD video which is far better in clarity than 4K.

With the built-in BT 5.0 in this device you can connect wireless mini keyboard, PC, mobile speaker or other Bluetooth devices.

Moreover, with the 3D function you can play numerous android games in a large 6K screen.

The 4GB Ram of this device ensures higher performance and more stable operation.

It supports smoothly movies without any buffering and freezing and there are no crashes.

In addition you can expand the memory up to 64GB via extra Micro SD card which provides much more space for you to get yourself entertained.


  • Good storage space
  • User friendly
  • Voice-recognition


  • Low capacity running bandwidth
  • No smart home integrations

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  1. T9 Android TV Box

T9 Android TV Box

The T9 Android TV Box is equipped with powerful Android 9.0 operation system which lets you enjoy all the latest updates.

You can have access to all the tools and games and apps at the play store in a smooth manner.

This device provides you ample room and the 2GB RAM 16 GB ROM and RK3318 Quad-core CPU helps you to start your apps and games quickly.

If you want to expand storage you can do so by adding an extra TF card.

Moreover, this device has USB 3.0 which provides 10 times faster transmission as compared to the transmission provided by USB 2.0.

It can help you transfer large capacity files at standard storage rates and you can also optimize the machine to reduce the consumption of energy.

The presence of Wi-Fi 2.4 G+5.0G with fastest and latest 100M Ethernet connection provides better connectivity and you do not have to worry about buffering.

This device has 4K resolution which provides extreme experience while watching movies and playing games.

It supports DLAN, Airplay, Mira cast, 3D movies and latest HEVC (H.2.65).

n order to use this device you just need to plug-in the power supply and connect the Android TV Box HDMI cable and Wi-Fi/Ethernet and you are good to go which shows the ease of use of this product.


  • Good hardware and operating system
  • Good storage amount


  • No voice command

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  1. KH3 Android TV Box

KH3 Android TV Box

The KH3 Android TV Box features the latest 10.0 OS which is compatible with the vast majority of games, software and applications to meet the requirements of different users.

Furthermore, device has 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM which supports stable and faster operation.

With the 16 GB internal storage you get more room to install apps and you need not worry about running out of space.

This Android TV is powered by All winner H313 Quad-core CPU which provides better processing of image.

It provides great user experience with ultra-fast running speed and professional processing of image.

This device supports h.265 4K output which lets you watch the 4K movie smoothly with a more real games, movies and music experience.


  • 3D noise reduction
  • High-performance CPU


  • 4K does not play well

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  1. T95H Android TV Box

T95H Android TV Box

The T95H Android TV Box is equipped with Android 10.0 OS update and All Winner H616 Quad-Core G31 GPU processor which is faster and efficient as compared to Android 9.0.

It has very good compatibility with Android software, application and games and better user interface.

This Android TV box has latest Am logic All Winner H616 Chipset due to which the power consumption of this TV box is reduced and the 6K online can be played for longer duration.

This best Android TV box  under 50$ comes with upgraded HD- MI2.0 and broadband up to 18 Gbps which presents a better 6k resolution with a much clear definition and more colorful as compared to 4K box. Moreover, you can share the photos, movies, music from your Android/IOS devices on the big screen.

You can also enjoy best entertainment experience due to the presence of best speakers by DLNA/Airplay.

This device has enhanced privacy function.


  • Compatible with massive Android apps and games
  • Can share movies, music and photos to big screen


  • No Bluetooth

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  1. D905 Smart TV Box

D905 Android TV Box

The D905 Smart TV Box is equipped with 100% original new FLASH and DDR3 chips and the latest Am logic Quad Core processor.  To provide you professional graphic processing and ultra-fast running speed.

This Android TV box uses the powerful and fast Android operation system due to which you can use all the recent updates.

Due to the larger capacity of this device you can improve the reliability of your TV and avid the crashes caused due to less memory.

Moreover, this device has 4K 1080i/p resolution which is 4 times more than full HD due to which every detail of the screen gets glossy.


  • Ultra fast speed.
  • Fantastic resolution


  • Not certified by Google via their SafetyNet attestation

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If you want to buy a cheap Android TV box it does not mean you have to settle but it means that you need to look closely at the device you are buying.

There are numerous options out there but as long as you know what you are looking for then you can still be able to get one of the best android TV box under $50 at a discounted price.

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