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Advice from SEO Companies in Brooklyn To Increase Your Web Traffic

If you have ever worked on building a new website either for yourself or been hired to build one for a client or company, you would know, that this is just the beginning of the journey of getting your name out there in front of users and online surfers.

What do we mean by this? Building a stellar website is one thing, but there is no point if you put in weeks and months of effort to make it look fabulous, only for no one to see it. No matter what your purpose is, the main goal of any person or business website is to be seen, and be visible amongst your target audience. Even if you build a portfolio as a freelancer to showcase your work, you would still need someone to see it won’t you?

Maybe you have just started a new service or built yourself an amazing brand or product, and now you want to sell it. Some people choose to write posts online and publish them for others to read, but none of your efforts will matter if no one knows you or your brand exists in the vast space of the internet.

So, what’s the solution?

Enter – SEO or Search engine optimization.

What is SEO?

Yes, you may have heard it a hundred times already, and it is true, that a website without any SEO efforts is a useless endeavor. Building yourself a well-designed and good-looking platform to showcase products and services is a great starting point for any business, big or small. Your site, however, should encourage people to click on it and explore what’s inside.

This is where search engine optimization comes in. It has been around for decades, but its importance of it has never been so apparent as it has been in the 21st century. Amongst the array of things, you can do to promote yourself, which we will look at below, this is probably one of the main, if not the only thing, that will get your name out there.

SEO, then, is the practice, or various practices that are implemented that will help to improve both the quality of a website as well the number of people visiting it. It targets specific concepts, such as a specific audience, location, niche, product, or service, further enhancing it so that people can find it. It works hand in hand with other marketing strategies but should never be left out of any marketing practices.

It is what is taken into consideration by various search engines like google, yahoo, and Bing when people surf the internet looking for things or services. Based on certain algorithms, for instance, googles algorithms, as explained on their website here, and with the vast array of information and results you can get online, nowadays, it can sometimes be impossible to find what you are looking for, or for someone to find you.

When people do an actual search online, using specific keywords, the results page spits out hundreds, maybe even thousands of results matching your search. When SEO is thrown into the mix, it considers how these keywords relate to specific websites, through an automated system in the background called ‘web crawlers.’ They find similar and exact matches within seconds.

The logic behind this is, that when your website ranks on the first page of a search engine, or even on the top position on the first page, the chances of someone finding you are much higher than if yours is on the tenth page, for instance. Optimization makes this a possibility when done correctly.

There are two types, namely white hat, and black hat, we discuss them briefly below and indicate which one, you should never use.

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White Hat vs Black Hat

The simplest way of explaining it is, that white hat practices always use more ethically recognized practices to implement search engine optimization, while black hat uses quick and easy, and most often than not, unethical means which only last as long as your budget does.

The latter practices manipulate the algorithms mentioned above into improving a site’s rankings, but only for a very short time, after which you go right down to the bottom, and sometimes (thanks to googles algorithms) you get kicked out of the race completely.

As you may have guessed, these are the ones you should be staying away from, as it is duping search engines to think that the information provided is legitimate and valuable content, while in reality, it is not. So, as you may have guessed both SEO and google work hand in hand.

Various Methods to Increase Traffic

Onto the more ethical methods of increasing your website’s traffic.

On-page SEO: this is a less broad version of the one we’ve been talking about so far. A worthwhile practice for most businesses should be to check their pages regularly and update everything on them. To help boost organic traffic, this is a great method to use.

Things such as using the right keywords, optimizing your images, capturing your audience through your meta-title are so important, and as spelled out here, not many people know how to do it the right way:, and adding links where there never were, and don’t forget that ‘call to Action’ button, which should be almost on every page on your website, especially if you provide a service or are an e-commerce website. You want people to buy from you, so make it easy for them to do so.

Write great content: something very few people understand is the idea of writing good content for any online platform. Either a blog page or a social media post, at the end of the day, if your content doesn’t get picked up on search engines, it gets lost in the background. Writing content that is optimized for, you guessed it – SEO is a key ingredient to getting noticed.

Advertising: another great idea is to advertise. As obvious as it may sound, not everyone does it and advertising is one of those, ‘pay to play’ concepts that help towards any marketing efforts. Take the idea of paid social media advertising for instance.

This is one of the best ways to attract potential customers and get them to notice you. There are plenty of paid channels online such as social media platforms, and even Google has the advantage of an advertising space both above its first page and below it too.

If you want your business or its products and services to get in front of your audience, you need to pay for it. Hiring the right Brooklyn SEO company to do it for you is possibly the best investment you will ever make because the return on investment will be worth every penny spent on it. It does not have to be a never-ending entity, but doing it once in a while will get you noticed.

The key takeaway is to hire the pros, let them do all the hard work, and reap all the benefits. What more could you ask for?


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