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8 Creative Product Promotion Ideas

Product promotion has become increasingly challenging due to the fierce competition. Most brands find it impossible to get noticed by individuals, as the attention of people is relatively limited.

Therefore, companies have to come up with creative ways of promoting their products to get noticed on social media. Email marketing, social media contests, blogging, guest blogging, and YouTube videos are only some of the most effective methods. Using brand ambassadors, special offers, and discounts is also worth the shot.

We hope these creative ideas will help you promote your products successfully.

Organize a contest on social media

A subtle method of promoting a product is by running a contest on social media. You’ll attract the attention of the audience without even advertising it. Nevertheless, the contest you organize is supposed to be straightforward, fun, and beneficial for participants.

There are various types of social media contests to try, such as instant-win contests, photo contests, quizzes, fill-in-the-blank contests, etc. The final goal of all of them is to create a sense of loyalty in customers towards particular products. Go to this website to learn how to encourage customer loyalty.

For instance, Dove is a company known for its successful social media contests. The real beauty contest they ran on Facebook is the perfect example of bringing attention to one of their products. The task of participants in this fill-in-the-blank contest was to fill their friend’s name in the blank if they consider him/her a real beauty. The prize was for the winners to become the face of Dove by having their faces printed on their soap case.

Prior to launching a social media contest, companies should set up a budget, choose the prizes carefully, select the right social networks, and determine the contest rules. The more people take part in the contest, the better the promotion of your products. The most common ways in which businesses engage with their target audience through social contests is by asking participants to follow them on social networks, subscribe to their newsletter, tag a friend, comment on their blog post, etc.

Use email marketing

Another effective strategy for product promotion is using email marketing. It’s believed that email marketing provides a better conversion rate than social media, as competing for the attention of the audience on social networks can be a real struggle. Conversely, once individuals have given you their email addresses, there are better chances to get them interested in your products.

Email marketing

The initial goal of email marketing is to educate customers about your products by sending them free valuable content. Once individuals subscribe to your email newsletter, you can pitch your products in the emails by providing a brief description of their value and including a call-to-action button as a closing.

Many companies create coupons and discount codes to send to the addresses of their email subscribers. It’s paramount to determine the right frequency of sending such promotional emails so as not to overwhelm email subscribers. Receiving discount codes monthly is considered reasonable by most subscribers.

Nevertheless, the promotional emails you send should be based on the interests of the potential buyers. Analyzing their purchase history and browsing behavior can help you send the right sort of promotional email.  The following URL,, explains the types of email marketing.

Consider blogging

Blogging is yet another method of promoting a product, allowing companies to pitch their goods by using informative content. Blog posts are an excellent way to announce goods, as you can explain the benefits of goods in detail and how they can help customers. It’s of the utmost importance for a CTA button to be included at the bottom of the blog post for customers to buy the product easily.

Product sales

In addition, many companies have started using guest blogs to build trust with their target audience. If possible, make sure you have your products reviewed or discussed by some of the leaders and renowned influencers in your niche. The positive opinion of these individuals about your products will encourage the audience to give them a try. Also, your brand will finally reach a much wider customer base because of combing your audience with theirs.

Encourage product reviews

Encouraging reviews has proven to be a successful product promotion tactic, as most customers have a habit of reading reviews before purchasing a particular item. The importance of reviews shouldn’t be neglected, as most individuals trust online reviews just like they trust personal recommendations. Additionally, most consumers have a tendency to read a minimum of ten reviews before deciding to buy a product.

Furthermore, positive reviews are considered a trusted source of information, which is why they promote goods effectively. Since not many customers leave reviews, you should think of an incentive to encourage them to do so. For example, you can use discounts and product specials to stimulate consumers to review your goods.

Collaborate with brand ambassadors

Another useful method of product promotion is starting a collaboration with a brand ambassador. There is a myriad of creative ways to promote a product online, helping businesses stand out from the crowd. As far as endorsements are concerned, influencers are those who usually take the role of brand spokesmen, as these individuals have a vast audience to promote your goods to.

Product development

Smaller businesses stand to benefit the most from such collaborations since their number of social media followers cannot compare to that of popular influencers. Anyhow, you need to find the right way to compensate brand ambassadors for their services, such as offering a monetary payment or free products. Make sure the influencer you choose has a minimum of 100k followers to hope for a better conversion rate.

Special offers and discounts

Individuals love special offers and discounts, which makes them excellent for product promotion. Companies are recommended to include a section on their websites devoted to such offers, where they would list all the available discount codes. Free goods are another clever way of attracting the attention of consumers, as everyone is fond of the idea of getting something for free.

In addition, special offers can take the form of BOGO (buy one get one) offers, gift vouchers, free delivery, gift cards, loyalty points, etc. BOGO promotions are popular among customers, as most of them are open to the idea of buying a product to get another one for free. Conversely, free shipping is considered an incredibly effective incentive, as many people get discouraged about buying an item that comes with high shipping fees.

Flash sales are among the most effective special offers, referring to the promotions or discounts offered by companies for a limited time period. The purpose of flash sales is to encourage consumers to take immediate action, which has a great influence on impulse buying. It’s vital for the offer to be simple and customers to be offered significant savings. Also, the word about these offers has to be spread quickly, as there is not much time until the offer expires. PPC advertisements are an excellent way to accomplish this goal.

Quantity discount is another method to consider, especially for online retailers looking to sell products in bulk. For instance, you can offer a ten or twenty percent discount to buyers who purchase more than ten goods. Read here about the benefits of offering discounts to customers.

Use YouTube videos

Given YouTube has more than a billion users, it’s the best platform for brands to market their goods. Visual content is believed to have a greater effect on individuals when compared to the content in the form of blog posts. Nevertheless, brands are expected to commit to creating videos on a regular basis for them to have a greater impact on the promotion of new items.

For example, such promotional videos should involve explaining the features of the new product for the audience to see its convenience and benefits. Also, you can create a few additional videos revolving around it. If you’re promoting makeup, make sure to film a makeup tutorial video where you’ll be using your own eyeshadow or foundation. In case you’re promoting a fashion accessory, why not make a video where you will offer styling tips, which include your accessory.

Provoke an emotional response in customers

Emotions play a significant role in the decisions of consumers to buy a specific product. You can stimulate them to make an instant purchase by using countdown timers, flash sales, and showing limited quantities. Product descriptions also have the capacity to elicit an emotional response in buyers. If your description explains how your product solves a particular problem, individuals might be tempted to buy it to solve their problems.

Moreover, images are thought to have a great effect on the emotional response of people. The expressions on the faces of models often induce emotions in buyers. The same goes for the colors used on the websites of brands. Color psychology is an indispensable aspect of product promotion, as it has an incredible effect on human behavior.

For instance, red is an iconic color used to capture the attention of buyers. Even though orange isn’t as commanding as red, marketers still use it for the call-to-action buttons. Since yellow symbolizes optimism and positivity, you can use it for the free shipping bar. Companies in the health industry are suggested to use green, as it’s linked to nature and health. In contrast, blue symbolizes stability and calmness, thus inspiring brands to make their guarantee icons in blue.

Final thoughts

Promoting your goods is essential for increasing sales.

Use the most creative promotional methods to attract the attention of the audience!

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